Travis Kelce Reveals His Post-Retirement Dream Gig

Travis Kelce is planning ahead, or as some would say, manifesting his next dream job for when it's time to retire from the NFL.

Though the Kansas City Chiefs tight end only recently joked he would "never" retire from football, it's clear that he's done some serious thinking since. During the latest episode of his New Heights podcast, which he co-hosts with his brother and former NFL star Jason Kelce, the three-time Super Bowl champ suggested that he would like to set down his helmet for a different piece of professional headgear: a headset.

“I want to broadcast when I'm done playing,” Travis shared.

Realizing that's a pretty wide net to cast, his older brother pressed him for more information, specifically on what he “wanted to do” in that role.

“I want to be right here and tell them about the game, the old ball coach, ladies and gentlemen,” the 34-year-old explained. “I want to do that.”

“I wanna be the talking head that calls the games,” Travis joked.

Earlier this year, in light of Jason's retirement from his position with the Philadelphia Eagles, Travis opened up about what he could see himself doing whenever he decides to stop playing football. Similarly to what he's saying now, the other options for his post-NFL career also involve a microphone and an audience.

“I’ve been fortunate to do a few things outside of the sports world that I’ve been enjoying doing, like getting on camera,” Travis told reporters in a Jan. 11 press conference. “The SNL stuff kind of opened up a new happiness and maybe a new career path for me.”

Despite his interest in entertainment–and his new gig hosting a game show–Travis said he has “no reason to stop playing football” and “no desire to stop anytime soon.” He added that it is “funny” for him to consider his retirement at this stage of his career “because I think it’s so much further down the road than it is right now.”

As for his brother, Jason said he's mainly looking forward to spending time with his family and hitting some fitness goals during his retirement, but he's also headed to ESPN for its "Monday Night Countdown" pregame show during the 2024 NFL season.

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