The New Trader Joe’s Find the ‘Cashiers Were Raving About’

“Everyone loved it.”

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Trader Joes

The warm weather has us firing up the grill and enjoying all the savory barbecue entrées that summer offers. And the last thing you might feel like doing is whipping up a sweet treat. While there are desserts that you can make on the grill, sometimes a store-bought treat feels like the easiest option.

Even if you love to bake, it can be a relief to know that you’ve got a premade dessert that you just have to heat (or serve room temperature) to top off a delicious meal. Retailers like Trader Joe’s keep their shelves stocked with convenient and tasty options such as banana pudding ice cream and mini mousse cakes. And now, the neighborhood grocer is pairing up two of our favorite fruits in its newest bakery addition: Trader Joe’s Peach Raspberry Crisp.

Introducing Trader Joe’s Peach Raspberry Crisp

Crumbles and crisps are popular summer dishes, and while they have many similarities, the biggest difference relates to their toppings. Both are finished with a streusel or crumbly pastry mixture often made from flour, butter, and sugar; however, a crisp topping often includes oats, which give it an exceptionally crunchy bite after baking. A golden brown and buttery garnish is just one of the features that fans can expect from Trader Joe’s Peach Raspberry Crisp. The crisp also includes a filling with tangy raspberries and sweet, ripened peaches.

In a recent Reddit thread, many fans shared their excitement about searching for the crisp in stores and those fortunate enough to have already tried the dessert gave tips on the best way to enjoy it. “Did not disappoint at all! Warm, room temperature, or cold, it’s delicious! I put it on top of ice cream, and it’s incredible,” said one user.

A few commenters expressed that the crisp was overly sweet for their liking. However, one Redditor offered an unexpected addition to balance things out: “I like to put a dollop of Greek yogurt on sweet fruit desserts like this, instead of whipped cream, which only adds more sweetness.”

Whether you enjoy your crisp à la mode with vanilla ice cream, spoonfuls of fresh whipped cream, or a scoop of plain Greek yogurt, this new dessert is sure to be a hit.

As with many seasonal Trader Joe’s finds, the Peach Raspberry Crisp is only available for a limited time so be sure to head to your local store to stock up before they sell out. Because as another Redditor in a second Reddit thread put it, “Went to TJ’s today. The cashiers were raving about this product. Guess they opened a few boxes in the back room and everyone loved it.”

See you at Trader’s to grab one (or two) before the cashiers “sample” them all!

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