Tourist accused of using fake ‘Maderna’ vaccine card adds to troubles by missing virtual court date

Alaho, genius.

An Illinois woman accused of using a fake proof of vaccination card upon which “Moderna” is misspelled, now has a warrant out for her arrest after skipping a virtual court date with a judge in Hawaii.

Hawaiian station KHON reports that Chloe Mrozak, 24, missed a Wednesday hearing where she would have had the opportunity to explain why she allegedly used a falsified card claiming she’d been inoculated with “Maderna” to bypass the island’s 10-day mandatory quarantine requirement.

Woman accused of using fake ‘Maderna’ vaccine card to enter Hawaii

Authorities said she also gave false information as to where she’d be staying and possibly spreading deadly germs during her vacation and was unreachable. Mrozak was arrested at Daniel Inouye International when she tried to return home to Oak Lawn, Ill late last month.

Her card reportedly stated that she’d been inoculated in Delaware, though health officials there have no record of that having happened. The card said Mrozak’s shots were administered by the National Guard, but she allegedly told police at the airport she’d paid her doctor for the vaccination, which is free.

"Maderna" spelled trouble for Chloe Mrozak.
"Maderna" spelled trouble for Chloe Mrozak.

"Maderna" spelled trouble for Chloe Mrozak. (Handout/)

ABC News reports Mrozak was initially charged with two counts of falsifying vaccination documents, which can carry a punishment of one year behind bars — and that was before missing her hearing.

Influential Fox News broadcaster Tucker Carlson — whose pandemic coverage has been widely criticized as dangerous — earlier this month called the purchase of fake vaccine cards an “act of desperation by decent, law-abiding Americans who have been forced into a corner by tyrants.”

It’s still not clear how Mrozak obtained the card that enabled her excursion to scenic Hawaii.

COVID has killed more than 680,000 Americans, which makes for the highest fatality rate on Earth. In New York, sales of fake vaccination cards can be reported to the NYPD.