Top 10 Companies Hiring Part-Time Workers

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While the economy has struggled and full-time positions have become harder to find, employers have been busy hiring part-time workers. Whether you're looking for the flexibility of a part-time schedule or just to bring in extra money, there are thousands of part-time jobs available now. Here are the 10 companies with the most part-time positions posted this week on CareerBuilder (an AOL Jobs sponsor):
1. The Vitamin Shoppe: 1,988 part-time openings.

The Vitamin Shoppe is a New Jersey-based retailer of nutritional supplements. They also operate stores in Canada under the name "VitaPath". The company provides approximately 8,000 different SKU's of supplements through its retail stores and over 20,000 different SKU's of supplements through its online retail websites.

Employee Review: "Good growth opportunities and stores opening all over the US all year 'round. Company based out of NJ, so more progressive policies on employment and benefits. Good vacation, health, and dental benefits. Above average pay from minimum wage. Good policies on customer service interaction as well. Focus on Customer service vs. pushing products."*

Find a part-time job now at The Vitamin Shoppe.

2. Advantage Sales & Marketing: 1,868 part-time openings.

Advantage Sales & Marketing provides outsourced sales, merchandising, and marketing services to consumer goods and food product manufacturers and suppliers. Owning more than 65 offices in the US and Canada, ASM does merchandising for 1,200 clients -- including Johnson & Johnson, Mars, Unilever, Energizer.

Employee Review: "Long lasting business, able to adapt to changes in market. Well thought out benefits plan, and flexible time off for both vacation and illness."*

Find a part-time job now with Advantage Sales & Marketing.

3. Chipotle: 1,485 part-time openings.Chipotle Logo

Chipotle is known for its use of organic meats throughout its more than 1,500 restaurants, which are located in 45 states. Since having been founded in 1993, the chain has since exploded and now counts some 37,000 employees. It is a pioneer in the "fast casual" dining movement.

Employee Review: "The people I work with are awesome and the food is good. It pays my bills and makes me laugh. The schedule is super flexible but It's a lot of work. If you're looking for something easy and laid back, keep looking."*

Find a part-time job now at Chipotle.

4. Universal Protection Service: 1,378 part-time openings.

Universal Protection Service is one of the largest providers of security services in the U.S. They offer an expansive range of security solutions for airports, healthcare facilities, office buildings, and more.

Employee Review: "Good pay depending on where you work. Room for advancement based on availability. Better company then any other I have worked for in security."*

Find a part-time job now with Universal Protection Service.

5. Bayada Home Health Care: 1,158 part-time openings.

Bayada provides nursing, hospice and other kinds of health care to people of all ages. The health care company serves 25 states and is headquartered in Moorestown, NJ.

Employee Review: "I love that Bayada allows me to focus on the positive things in life. This is a career where I am encouraged and rewarded to give the best one on one care that I can provide. Nursing is more than a profession, it's a calling and at Bayada I can be the nurse and give the care I always dreamed."*

Find a part-time job now at Bayada Home Health Care.

6. UPS: 1,026 part-time openingsunited parcel service logo

Known by its large brown delivery trucks, United Parcel Service delivers over 15 million packages per day. Headquartered in Sandy Springs, Ga., UPS competes with other carriers, such as FedEx and the U.S. Postal Service. The company employs approximately 350,000 in the United States, with another 67,000 around the world.

Employee Review: "I love getting to meet new people all the time and seeing all the different things that we import as a country. I also love the challenges of solving the problems of supply chain and getting items to the good old U.S. of A.."*

Find a part-time job now at UPS.

7. Firestone Complete Auto: 1,020 part-time openings.

Firestone Complete Auto Care is a car maintenance chain that's part of one of the oldest American tire companies. There are more than 1,600 locations nationwide that, along with selling and servicing tires, also do repairs and other kinds of work on cars.

Employee Review: "Higher than average compensation for retail, good camaraderie with co workers. Nice working for large company that you know will be there tomorrow."*

Find a part-time job now at Firestone Complete Auto.

8. MarketSource: 1,001 part-time openings.

MarketSource designs and delivers sales and marketing solutions to more than 200 companies worldwide. The company offers a variety of positions representing a number of leading brands across the country.

Employee Review: "You really can feel the you make a difference, especially when you are training sales associates. Take this job seriously and you will get a lot of enjoyment from it."*

Find a part-time job now at MarketSource.

9. PSA Healthcare: 982 part-time openings

PSA Healthcare, also known as Pediatric Services of America, provides comprehensive home health services through a branch of office across the United States. The company is headquartered in Atlanta, Ga.

Employee Review: "I love working one-on-one with the pediatric patient and their families. You have the time needed to give great compassionate care! Office staff and supervisors are very good with both employees and clients. There is a lot of flexability with staffing. I never received grief for requesting a day off."*

Find a part-time job now with PSA Healthcare.

10. Brookdale Senior Living: 636 part-time openings.

Brookdale is the largest owner and operator of senior living communities throughout the United States, operating over 570 senior living communities and retirement communities in the US. They have 35,000 staff members and 55,000 residents.

Employee Review: "Customers and referral sources are great to work with. Very gratifying work."*

Find a part-time job now at Brookdale Senior Living.

*All employee reviews sourced from Glassdoor, a free jobs and career community that offers the world an inside look at jobs and companies. Reviews may have been edited for clarity.

Note: All openings are on CareerBuilder, an AOL Jobs sponsor.
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