Morally Repugnant TikTok Trends We Absolutely Hate

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TikTok Takeover

TikTok has taken over, and it doesn’t seem to be leaving any time soon. As much as we love to share, we also love to hate.

Some trends are mean-spirited while others are flat-out pointless. Often enough, it seems influencers are even going for hate clicks on the app.

What silly, dangerous, or confusing trend do you hate most? Here are the most annoying TikTok trends we NEVER want to see again.

Woman in a Coat Kicks Her Foot to a Closed Glass Door

Kicking Doors at Night and Running Away

The trend is dubbed the “Door Kick Challenge” and it promotes kicking people’s doors in the dead of night and running away. The perpetrators later upload the challenge on TikTok to the song “Die Young“ by Ke$ha.

It may have been a cool thing for teenagers to do back in the day, but now it’s a source of crime. Not to mention the amount of fear caused to the victims, especially because it happens late at night.

Those caught face criminal charges for destroying property, and possibly the wrath of the dweller. These two boys were almost shot by a homeowner in Dallas.

Nutcase22 Captain RestrictedRemix With Rotoscope Filter on TikTok

Displaying Privates With Rotoscope Filters

TikTok has a rotoscope filter that turns images into colorful cartoons, but some attention-hungry TikTok users use it for the wrong reasons.

They undress immediately after the filter turns on and then move around, exposing their private parts.

Although the exposed body parts can only be seen as an animation, this sickening trend is risky. The fully exposed images are stored in the cache of viewers' devices, giving perpetrators access to them.

Closeup of Sad Female Teen Crying While Holding a Smartphone

Making Fun of People With Autism

There’s a derogatory challenge on TikTok that is all about mocking people with autism. We hate this trend, and considering 63% of children with autism are vulnerable to bullying, this fad is not helping by promoting it. Mean-spirited TikTok users mimic the movements and facial expressions of people with autism and post the recordings on TikTok for views.

How sickening is that?

X-Ray Image of a Person's Broken Skull

Breaking Skulls for Fun

The skull-breaker trend has to be one of the most dangerous and stupid challenges to be posted on the platform. People, usually teenagers, put their lives in terrible danger for views.

Three people stand in a row and jump together. Unfortunately, the middle person has no idea what's coming, since it’s pre-planned by the others. Before landing back on the floor, the people on either side quickly trip the middle person, causing them to fall backwards, landing on their head.

This trend has caused numerous injuries and has even taken lives. This tragic story tells of a 16-year-old Brazilian girl who lost her life after two other students attempted the challenge.

Closeup of Benadryl Medication Spilled Out of Bottle, Pink Pills
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Getting High on Just About Anything

Anything can become a trend on TikTok, including getting high on allergy and cold medicine.

In this trend, viewers are encouraged to take Benadryl in large doses, as many as 12 tablets at once. This is contrary to the allowed maximum of 12 tablets for adults and 6 tablets for children within a 24-hour window.

Unfortunately, taking Benadryl and other drugs in large doses can lead to seizures or death. One teen died from participating in this trend and several others have been hospitalized.

Couple Sitting on the Couch, Each With a Smartphone Using TikTok

Posting Nasty Relationship Issues

We are sick and tired of people sharing their cheating scandals and other private issues on TikTok.

In fact, there’s a partner-shaming trend where people take to the platform to spill the beans on their partner’s dirty secrets. Some people are going as far as recording their partners without consent and sharing on TikTok.

An Array of Small Colorful Rubber Bands

Giving Fake Medical and Dental Advice

There are numerous fake doctors and dentists on TikTok, with each trying to outdo the others in giving advice that will bring the most views.

Here are just a few examples of the dubious dental advice given by fake doctors:

  • Preparing toxic DIY teeth whitening solutions

  • Using cheap rubber bands to fix tooth gaps

  • Filing teeth to achieve different shapes

  • DIY fillings for cavities

Like most other dangerous TikTok challenges, people have damaged their teeth while trying these unprofessional practices.

Closeup of the Aftermath of a Car Crash, at Night

Dangerous Driving Challenges

If you thought the skull-breaking challenge was a dangerous trend, here’s another one.

The "Cha Cha Slide" is a popular driving trend on TikTok that has left many with broken spines and other deadly injuries. In this challenge, attention-hungry TikTok users drive recklessly to the beat of "Cha Cha Slide" by DJ Casper.

Whenever the song says "slide to the left" the driver swerves into the left lane. However, things get really dangerous when the song demands "criss-cross." The driver has to criss-cross the vehicle all over the road, putting themselves and other drivers at risk of collisions.

Mid-Section of a Man Stealing a Car Through Driver Window, Late Sunset

Teaching How to Steal Cars

A TikTok video showing how to steal cars caused a massive spike in Kia and Hyundai car thefts. This trend started with the Kia Boys, a group of teenagers from Columbus and Milwaukee who steal all different types of cars. In the original video, people learn how to break a car window, unscrew the steering column, plug a USB into the ignition and if they so wish, take the cars for a spin. Usually, users who tried this trend would then dump the vehicles after incurring damages.

We hate this trend because it normalizes crime and teaches the public how to do it without showing any consequences.

Closeup of Boiling Chicken Fillets in a Pan

Disgusting and Dangerous Food Trends

The rise of strange recipes on TikTok is alarming. Remember we mentioned TikTok users are taking Benadryl cough medicine to get high? They are also using NyQuil, another cough medicine, to cook chicken.

Horrible? Not for these TikTok users. This recipe is dubbed the ‘sleepy chicken’ because it's believed to give people hallucinations. The chicken is first marinated in NyQuil, then boiled until the solution evaporates.

The Food and Drugs Administration warned against the challenge, saying that the boiled medicine becomes more concentrated to the point where it can cause lung damage when ingested.

Wholesome Video on TikTok on Smartphone Being Held by a Woman, Selective Focus

Looking Beyond the Madness

It’s undeniable that TikTok has some of the most stupid, strange and dangerous trends on the internet, but there’s a positive side to the platform.

There’s plenty of wholesome content to scroll through. The key is to stick to safe content for your peace of mind, and to steer away the dangerous trends that have destroyed lives.

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