Tia Booth Defends Hiring Help to Care for Newborn Son, Slams Mom-Shaming

Tia Booth Defends Hiring 'Temporary' Help to Care for Newborn Son 'a Few Nights a Week': 'Stop Freakin Mom Shaming' red lace dress
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Not here for it. Tia Booth clapped back at mom-shamers who questioned why she has help to take care of her son at night.

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The Bachelor alum, 31, took to social media on Monday, January 9, to share a message she received from a follower. “Not trying to be mean, but having a child is taking responsibility and bonding with your baby in the middle of the night when they wake. Not hiring someone to do it for you so you can ‘sleep,'” the person wrote.

Booth, who welcomed son Tatum with Taylor Mock in December 2022, acknowledged the “luxury” to have assistance a “few nights” a week.

“Got 3 more that weren’t as friendly. It’s a temporary service that helps us tremendously as first time parents. I’ve learned so much from these nurses and will never look back and think, ‘Damn I wish I wouldn’t been more sleep deprived on those nights we had help?'” the reality star captioned the conversation via Instagram Story. “I’m able to be a better mom during the day when I can THINK & know my baby was so loved on & taken care of the night before. I don’t have family here. Neither does Taylor. This is our help a few nights a week.”

The Bachelor in Paradise alum also requested that strangers “stop freaking mom-shaming” in response to her posts.

“Moms, who have once been first time moms, will say ‘do what’s best for you and your family’ then shame you & lose respect for you for needing help,” Booth added alongside a photo of her baby boy. “We can only be praised when we’re exhausted & doing it all alone??? It’s insanity. OK I’m done.”

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The “Click Bait” podcast host, who got engaged to Mock, 30, in April 2022, surprised fans when she announced that she was expecting her first child.

“I remember perfectly when we got pregnant,” she shared during a June 2022 episode of her Bachelor Nation podcast. “It was March 26, and we were about to go watch the Razorbacks play basketball. It was March Madness.”

Tia Booth Defends Hiring 'Temporary' Help to Care for Newborn Son 'a Few Nights a Week': 'Stop Freakin Mom Shaming' baby sleeping
Tia Booth’s son, Tatum. Courtesy Tia Booth

She added: “Then I had a dream that I was pregnant. Then I had another dream that I found out I lost a baby. And what a mind f–k. The next day I texted my friend telling her I dreamed I was pregnant and she asked if I was late on my period, so she told me to take a test. I took a test, and it was positive.”

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Last month, Booth confirmed that the couple had officially expanded their family with their little one. “Tatum Booth Mock 12/6/22 6:13 a.m.,” she captioned an Instagram sound clip of her seeing her infant for the first time. “Best day of our lives.”

The new mom gushed about her fiancé’s role as a father as well, writing via Instagram on Sunday, January 8, “I knew he’d be great at this, but I’m in awe of him with our son. I don’t know what I’d do without you @tmock39 !!!”