This Texas company is who ‘Yellowstone’ star Kevin Costner calls to build him a truck

Lifted Trucks

Kevin Costner is a well-versed equestrian from his time on “Yellowstone,” but now the actor has a different kind of horse power.

Costner is now exploring the deserts of Utah, amidst filming his western film series “Horizon,” in his custom 2023 Ford F-250 powerstroke diesel 4x4. The vehicle came with all the bells and whistles from Arizona-founded company Lifted Trucks, who also has three locations in Texas.

The actor first came to the company in search of a truck for his 17-year-old son Cayden. After meeting with Lifted Trucks co-owner James Pillor and crew, Costner not only worked out a truck for his son but himself as well.

“Once we got done with Cayden’s truck, Kevin was up next,” Pillor told the Star-Telegram. “[Costner] said, ‘Now, I gotta get one.”

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Lifted Trucks has been customizing vehicles in Arizona since 1995, expanding into Texas and Alabama in the nearly three decades since.

Costner wanted to find a vehicle for his son’s active lifestyle, whether that be surfing or spearfishing on the coasts of California. The actor found Lifted Trucks through a friend’s recommendation and got the ball rolling.

The build process was fun, Pillor said, with Costner collaborating with the company on what features to add. With his son’s interests in mind, the 2023 Ford F-150 Raptor 4x4 was customized with a surfboard rack and a covered bed to store all his fishing gear.

Next up was Costner himself, who opted for the 2023 Ford F-250 to handle the rugged terrain of his properties in Colorado and California, along with being on set in Utah.

A few of the custom features on Costner’s trucks include an upgraded suspension, enhanced headlights and a bumper with a winch.

“We had fun building that,” Pillor said.

Once the vehicles were finished, Lifted Trucks delivered them to the Costner’s California home.

Cayden couldn’t stop smiling when he saw his truck, which in turn put a huge grin on the older Costner’s face, Pillor said. With everyone happy, Lifted Trucks scheduled a follow up visit to the Costner estate to capture social media content.

It didn’t take much prodding from the company for Costner to wax poetic about his truck, who was happy to share his excitement about the two vehicles. He even noted that he was looking for the “best, most bitchin’” truck and found just that.

“I mean, you can’t script that,” Pillor laughed. “Kevin Costner said that, how great is that.”

Lifted Trucks has seen a boost in social media traffic after posting about Costner’s truck.

Since the actor has a huge fan base, it’s helped introduce the company to a much broader audience. Pillor counts himself as one of those fans who grew up watching Costner movies and can now say he’s on a “friendly basis” with the actor.

Recently, Costner gave a shoutout to Lifted Trucks while on the set of “Horizo,” which Pillor hopes is just the tip of the iceberg on a longstanding partnership.

“We think it’s gonna have legs,” Pillor said. “Hopefully Kevin and Lifted Trucks put out content even more in the future.”