Taylor Swift Mistakes Terrible Weather for Technical Difficulty in New Eras Tour Video

Taylor Swift has experienced her fair share of "Errors Tour" moments during the over 100 performances of her wildly popular Eras Tour. Recently, however, the pop superstar mistook terrible weather as a technical difficulty.

During one of Swift's Liverpool, England, concerts, she paused the show to address a weird sound from her in-ear monitor. A concertgoer shared a clip of the amusing moment via TikTok.

"Is anyone else hearing that? Maybe it's coming from just my in-ears," Swift said to the crowd as she repositioned the earpiece. "Someone has a mic on and it's like a wind tunnel."

She continued, "Oh, I'm being told that's just the way the wind sounds. This is just how windy it is. I'm just going to pop these off and talk to you so that I can focus."

In the caption, the TikTok poster wrote, "welcome to liverpool🫡," adding in text in the video, "no babe that's not technical difficulties that's ✨ the north ✨."

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Folks in the comments shared equally cheeky reactions to the humorous incident. One TikTok user wrote, "I laughed way too hard like yeah Taylor we all hear that too it's windy as hell up here."

Another fan commented, "Literally this cracked me up. I was giggling so hard when she said this," while someone else agreed, "It was so funny 😭."

Meanwhile, someone else wrote, "im being told that's just the way the wind sounds 😂😂 pls girl."

"My family visited us in Chorley & were complaining about this constant noise," one fan shared. "Hubs and I were like...that's the wind."

Yet another Swiftie commented, "Imagine being the one to tell Taylor, into her in-ears, 'That's just the way the wind sounds.'"

Weather confusion aside, at least Swift could poke fun at herself for thinking the wind was a technical issue!

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