Target’s Good & Gather vs. Walmart’s Great Value: How These 7 Grocery Staples Compare in Price

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While you’ll find more organic options under Target’s Good and Gather private label, Walmart’s Great Value products are exactly what they claim to be: a great value. We compared seven grocery staples from Target and Walmart’s store brands, and saw that Walmart consistently had lower prices. Let’s dive in and see how these products stack up.

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1. Milk

Milk is a staple in many households, whether for cereal or coffee. At Target, a half-gallon of Good & Gather whole milk costs $2.39. On the other hand, Walmart’s Great Value whole milk is cheaper at $1.99 for the same half-gallon jug. While the difference is minimal, households that consume a lot of milk will save more in the long run at Walmart.

2. Cheese

The quality of shredded and sliced cheese doesn’t change much between name-brand and store-brand products. A package of Good & Gather shredded cheddar cheese (8 oz) is priced at $2.49 at Target. Walmart’s Great Value equivalent costs $2.22 for an 8 oz package. Here, Walmart clearly provides a more budget-friendly option for cheese lovers.

3. Deli Meat

If you need cheap deli meat for making sandwiches, where can you get the better deal? At Target, a 16 oz package of Good & Gather turkey breast costs $7.59. Walmart offers a similar product under the Great Value brand for $3.77 for a 16 oz package. At $7.78 for 32 oz of Great Value turkey breast, you can get twice as much lunch meat at Walmart for what you’d be spending at Target. Target does, however, offer all-natural and rosemary herb options, for those looking for healthier or gourmet sandwich meat.

4. Salad Greens

Fresh salad greens are essential for a healthy diet. Target’s Good & Gather offers a 16 oz clamshell of organic spring mix for $5.29. Meanwhile, Walmart’s Marketside mixed greens in a similar 16 oz clamshell, for $5.13. Walmart uses the Great Value brand name for most canned and dairy products, while it uses the Marketside name for fresh goods like produce and bakery items.

5. Peanut Butter

Brand name peanut butter can break the bank. Target sells a 16 oz jar of Good & Gather creamy peanut butter for $2.19. Walmart’s Great Value creamy peanut butter, on the other hand, is priced at $2.00 for the same 16 oz jar. Both brands offer larger 40oz sizes, costing $4.39 at Target and $3.64 at Walmart. However, Target’s Good & Gather offers organic stir and no-stir peanut butter options as well.

6. Mac & Cheese

Great Value macaroni and cheese is a strong competitor for name-brand Kraft mac and cheese. Target’s Good & Gather offers a 6 oz. box of organic macaroni and cheese for $2.19, in either elbows or shells. Walmart’s Great Value mac & cheese, on the other hand, is priced at only $0.58 per 7.25 oz box. Unless you have a preference for Good & Gather’s organic label or flavor, Walmart’s mac and cheese is by far the better value.

7. Granola Bars

Granola bars are a convenient snack for busy days or a quick breakfast bite. A box of Good & Gather organic whole grain fruit and grain bars (6 count) at Target costs $4.19. Walmart’s Great Value strawberry fruit and grain cereal bars (8 count) are priced at $2.27. That means that Walmart’s option gets you two more bars for close to half the price of Target’s granola bars.

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