Tabby Cat Asking for Stretches Is Just Like a Little Kid Asking to Be Picked Up

Nadezhda Gerasimova/Shutterstock

If you consider your pet to be your fur baby, you're certainly not alone. Pets have become beloved family members who do almost everything alongside their people! Individuals and couples often adopt pets once their kids are fully grown, while others adopt pets instead of having children to begin with. Many families with kids live happily with their fur kids, too, but it never ceases to amaze me when a pet acts exactly like a human child.

Just ask George! This loving husband and cat dad can read his gals like a book, and he knew exactly what Penelope, the tabby cat, was asking for when she sauntered up to him on June 7. She wanted stretches! George's face absolutely lit up as he lifted her up, just like he would do with a little kid, and I think it's safe to say that your face is about to light up, too.

LOL! This moment is just priceless, and I can only imagine how much Penelope's mom was smiling from the other side of the phone camera. Watching someone you love interacting with a pet you adore is one of life's greatest gifts! It's the cherry on top of the sundae to know that loving cat Penelope feels just as fondly toward her dad as he does toward her.

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"That's her boo now," joked commenter @kratos0384. They practically look like the heart-eye emoji when they're together! The love is palpable between this cat owner and his furry friend, but the good news is that Mom isn't feeling too left out. She even replied to the comment, "Oh, I know she stole him from me a long time ago." At least everyone is on the same page!

While not all cats are affectionate, this extroverted feline prefers the company of her parents while passing the time. The way she literally asks George to pick her up is the perfect proof of her people-loving personality, though I'm sure even she has her grumpy cat moments.

Why Do Cats Stretch So Much?

There are many lessons to be learned from cats and dogs, including the importance of stretching. Though it may seem unnecessary, stretches help limber the body before movement, improve blood flow throughout the body, and give muscles their full range of motion. Plus, the right stretch can feel so good!

Cats seem to instinctively know when to stretch, and their owners should take note. Stretching after sleep can prevent stiffness and lingering sleepiness, while lumbering up before play can prevent injuries and muscle cramps. This tabby cat just found a fun new way to get in her stretches every day!

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