'Survivor 46's "Mergatory" Shakes Down to Tribal Lines

The 'Survivor 46' castaways pick rocks for the "Mergatory" challenge

Survivor 46 hit a milestone this week, as the remaining 13 castaways all arrived on one beach to officially begin the individual stage of the game. Yanu's streak of safety continued, as they became the key swing votes in a war between Nami and Siga. And as tribal lines hardened, it became all about the visible (and invisible) cracks in the foundation of each house.

Check out more information about tonight's episode below and find out who was voted out.

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Who got voted off on Survivor 46 tonight?

Moriah Gaynor<p>Robert Voets / CBS</p>
Moriah Gaynor

Robert Voets / CBS

Moriah Gaynor

Moriah Gaynor came into the individual portion of the season in one of the more interesting positions. Despite her being part of the cohesive Siga, her vibe on the "vibe tribe" was a bit off, as she was the only one left out of the last vote. She pushed Siga unity to the new faces she met, lying she was in on the vote. But that choice ended up being her undoing. Left as one of six vulnerable people in "Mergatory," the former Nami and Yanu members honed in on breaking up the secretive Sigas. And they took aim at Moriah for being perceived as the most knowledgeable. Seeing the heat on her, Moriah went for broke at Tribal Council, revealing the truth about the Jem vote and playing her Shot in the Dark. But the jumps she tried to make came up short.

Were any advantages found or played on Survivor 46 tonight?

Yes! In a race against the clock, Hunter was able to solve a riddle to find the key to unlock his idol before the other tribes arrived to camp. He not only got the idol, but also his vote (after the "no vote" he had to play through after losing it on the journey last week).

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Who's left in the game on Survivor 46?

Ben Katzman

Charlie Davis

Hunter McKnight

Kenzie Petty

Liz Wilcox

Maria Shrime Gonzalez

Q Burdette

Soda Thompson

Tevin Davis

Tiffany Nicole Ervin

Tim Spicer

Venus Vafa

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