Steph Curry Ranked The Popcorn At Every NBA Arena—This Is His Number One Pick

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Steph Curry Chose The Popcorn At This NBA ArenaEzra Shaw - Getty Images

Steph Curry may be best known for his skills on the court, but the Golden State Warriors star has an influence elsewhere in the arena—specifically, the concessions.

310 Provisions, a.k.a the group in charge of food at the Los Angeles Clippers' new Intuit Dome, enlisted Curry's help to handpick the popcorn served at the arena when it officially opens later this summer.

And while you might be wondering why the San Francisco NBA star is helping out the Clippers, there's actually a very good reason. Curry is something of a popcorn savant.

"Steph Curry has actually ranked every single facility for their popcorn," CEO of Halo Sports and Entertainment Gillian Zucker told the Los Angeles Times. "And we’re like, 'We want our popcorn to be the best so maybe he’d come and try it.' We asked him and he said he would."

The Clippers really need Curry's help considering they previously fell in dead last in his original ranking.

"So he went through about, I don't know, 10 different options and I'm thinking, 'How much does this guy really know about popcorn?' but he got in and he starts talking about popcorn and explaining. [He said]: 'It should have a crunch, it has to be a butterfly shape and it should melt in your mouth and that's what determines good popcorn," Zucker said in a video for the outlet.

Curry made a few selects for the concession stands: a savory, crunchy, butterfly-shaped popcorn with melted butter from Nebraska and a butter toffee popcorn that's "a sweet, crunchy coating that's as addictive as your favorite potato chip."

His official popcorn ranking system, which no doubt played a role in his selection process for the Clippers, is broken down into five categories: freshness, saltiness, crunchiness, butter, and presentation. The Dallas Mavericks' American Airlines Arena scored the coveted top slot on his 2019 ranking, while the Miami Heat and Brooklyn Nets followed.

"I consider it a factor in my overall enjoyment of playing in a road environment," Curry said, according to People Magazine. "If your popcorn is bad, it affects my mood."

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