Sound of Rhino Popping Open a Watermelon Has People So Satisfied

Emma Geary/Shutterstock

We all know that rhinos are huge, powerful animals that we should steer clear of if we ever come across one. The Tanganyika Wildlife Park in Kansas gives us all a chance to safely get close and observe their Indian rhino, who enjoys the occasional treat. They shared a video on Thursday, June 6th of the rhino snacking on a watermelon, and it's so cool to see!

What drew me to this video was how easily the rhino opened the watermelon and with zero effort. Once it gets the melon open, it's clear he enjoys the juicy treat and makes quite a mess of it. Fair warning: If you're not a fan of hearing other people eat, you probably won't enjoy the rest of the video, but that initial 'pop' is so cool!

Tanganyika knew that the video might strike a nerve or two and said in the caption, "Which is it for you? Gross or Satisfying? I enjoyed the video, and the rhino's slurping didn't bother me at all...I thought it was cute! Commenter @Emily said, "It’s cute because it’s a rhino. If it was a person I would be upset LOL!" @SassyScorpio1111 shared, "Just shared it with my daughter who HATES hearing other people eat. LOL!" and Tanganyika replied back with several laughing emojis. I wonder what her daughter had to say about it!

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Fascinating Facts About Rhinos

While you probably never want to run into a group of rhinos, they do have a fun name; a group of rhinos is called a 'crash', and it's pretty fitting. These animals are huge (Indian rhinos stand up to 7 feet high and can weigh between 4 and 6 thousand pounds!) and they can't see very well, which often leads them to 'attack' rocks and trees that they think may be predators. They literally crash into them!

Rhinos might look tough, but their skin is actually very delicate. Although their skin is thick it's sensitive and rhinos take mud baths which help to cool their skin down, keep it moisturized, and remove dead skin cells. To protect themselves from sunburns (yes, they can get sunburned!) and insect bites, rhinos roll around in the mud for an additional coat of protection. When the mud dries, it protects them from both. So I guess a little watermelon juice really doesn't matter since the mud is sticky anyways!

Another way rhinos protect their skin is by trading services with a bird; they befriend oxpeckers. These 8-inch-long birds have a wide bill, stiff tail, and sharp claws. They eat ticks and other insects off of the rhino's body in exchange for a free ride. You might wonder why a bird would need a ride, but by being on the rhino's back it allows them to easily find food on the ground. Oxpeckers have this symbiotic relationship with other animals as well like hippos, zebras, oxen, and antelopes.

I can't wait for the fall season because I'm sure that Tanganyika will offer the rhino a huge pumpkin to chomp on, and that will make an even bigger 'pop' for all of us ASMR lovers out there!

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