Will Smith Opens Up About Trying to Adopt His German Shepherd 'I Am Legend' Co-star

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Actor Will Smith recently appeared on The Hot Ones where he discussed working with his German Shepherd canine co-star Abbey in the post-apocalyptic thriller I Am Legend.

Smith called Abbey a brilliant actress and confessed he wanted to adopt the dog star.

Deadline reports, "The Academy Award winner reminisced about his canine scene partner Abbey from the 2007 movie I Am Legend being “a brilliant actress” as he admitted to trying to adopt the German Shepherd, who was known for upstaging him in the blockbuster.

“It was like Abbey spoke English. … Like, she literally could understand you, it was the weirdest thing."

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Deadline went on to say that, "Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to take Abbey home as she “was the breadwinner of her family, and she had to stay,” Smith told host Sean Evans."

I Am Legend is loosely based on1954 novel of the same name by Richard Matheson and it's a great movie if you enjoy scary zombie thrillers. However, dog lovers should be aware.

How Abbey Won the Role in 'I am Legend'

I can't be the only person who gets all excited when there's a dog in the movie, and I am also one of those people who checks Does The Dog Die? before watching a movie.

Does The Dog Die? is a website that started in 2011 to help movie and TV watchers avoid content where the dog dies. It's a great resource if you can't stand even a fictional dog dying.

Now, spoiler alerts for I am Legend.

Yes, the dog dies and it's totally heartbreaking. After "Dog' played by Abbey in the movie gets infected by a zombie and her owner can't save her he has to kill her and it's so heartbreaking and also for the Will Smith character Robert Neville who is heartbroken too.

In 2007 Entertainment Weekly explained how Abbey got the role in I am Legend. " Three weeks of intensive coaching followed before Abbey was ready to meet her costar. Sparks flew instantly: ”Will came walking up, and Abbey barked at him,” recalls Berens. But Smith patiently earned Abbey’s respect, and the two headed to New York City for a grueling six-month shoot for the film, which is based on a 1954 vampire novel of the same name."

Abbey was discovered at a California kennel by Steve Berens, a trainer with 28 years of industry experience. In 20202, she turned 15 years old.

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