Simone Biles reveals details from courthouse wedding – and that there’s a bigger wedding planned

Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens are continuing to tie the knot.

The Olympic gold medalist revealed she and her husband aren't done celebrating their marriage — and have a destination wedding planned in a couple of weeks.

"We had to get married 'legally' here in the us — since our wedding will be a destination wedding," Biles said in an Instagram story on April 23. She also updated her name on her Instagram and Twitter accounts to include her new last name: Simone Biles Owens.

@simonebiles via Instagram
@simonebiles via Instagram

While the gymnast didn’t reveal the location of her "big wedding," she shared some of the attendees are still waiting on their passports, hinting at an international country.

Biles carried on with her tradition of answering her fans’ questions about the wedding planning process by holding another Q&A on her Instagram on April 23, one day after the couple shared photos from their Houston courthouse wedding, confirming they were married.

"I do," Biles captioned one post shared on April 22 with a white heart emoji, adding, "officially owens."

Biles revealed the couple bought "everything" for their Houston nuptials this past week — and that she ordered her shoes and their wedding bands on Amazon.

"Not quite prepared for courthouse ceremony as I am for the big wedding," she said.

Biles also shared her sister showed up to the ceremony at the 1910 Harris County Courthouse as they finished, meaning "she missed the entire thing."

"Granted it was quick but still," Biles said with a laughing emoji. "Typical Adria."

Biles' younger sister will have the chance to be on time to her older sister and Owens' "big wedding," which will have between 135 to 140 guests — including some "gym reunions," hinting that some of her Olympic team members might be in attendance.

Biles shared she and Owens didn't allow plus ones for their destination wedding because they wanted it to be "as intimate as possible."

"I know this is controversial but im always meeting people on a day to day basis & i love that & yall," she said. "But on my wedding day i didn't want to meet any new people."

Biles added the couple went so over the budget for their wedding, which Biles said will have a champagne, gold and white color scheme, they decided there "is no longer a budget."

"You only live once," she said.

She shared florals were the most expensive item for the wedding, and that she will have four dresses: "Kind of dramatic but you only have a wedding once."

Biles said she will be writing her own vows, but she's unsure how she's going to get through saying them. "I was so teary & choked up at the courthouse ceremony & it was just the basic vows," she said.

The one thing that isn't going to plan for her next ceremony? The uneven number of eight bridesmaids and seven groomsmen.

"That lowkey drives me nuts because it's not even (picture purposes) but oh well," she said, adding a laughing emoji.

As for after the wedding, Biles said the couple will go on a "mini moon," but their actual honeymoon will be a different destination.

"We are thinking Bora Bora," she said, adding that football season is about to start again so the couple will wait "a bit" before heading on their honeymoon.

Biles and Owens, a safety for the Houston Texans, met in March 2020 and "have been inseparable since," the gymnast said. The pair opened up about the early days of their romance on TODAY just days after their Valentine's Day engagement in 2022.

"We're with each other 24/7, so I feel like now when we’re not with each other it’s almost weird," she explained. "We're always texting or calling each other. It’s kind of gross in a way."

The couple are most likely going to celebrate their anniversary on the day of their destination wedding, but they will probably celebrate both dates, Biles said in her Instagram Q&A.

"I'm usually good at remembering things but I am horrified about forgetting one... so I put it in my calendar immediately & have a yearly reminder set," she said.

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