Simon Cowell Reveals the 'Best Thing' He Taught 10-Year-Old Son Eric

Simon Cowell Reveals the Best Thing He Taught 8 Year Old Son Eric
Simon Cowell, Eric Philip Cowell, and Lauren Silverman. Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Simon Cowell says being able to talk freely with his 10-year-old son, Eric, is a major parenting win.

“I would say this to any parent, particularly in this time we’re living in, which is if something’s bothering you, talk about it,” Cowell, 64, told Us Weekly during the America’s Got Talent season 19 auditions red carpet on Tuesday, March 26. “If you talk about it, don’t keep it inside you. You know something’s making you anxious or bothering you. Talk to me about it. That’s probably the best thing.”

Cowell shares Eric, who was born in February 2014, with his fiancée, Lauren Silverman. When spending time with his son, the America’s Got Talent judge told Us that “go-karting” is their go-to activity.

While Cowell is a notable face in Hollywood, the music mogul previously told Us that Eric has a hard time wrapping his head around his father’s fame.

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“He’s very funny. I was with him yesterday and he said, ‘Daddy, how come everybody smiles at you?’ And I went, ‘No, it’s you! They all know your name,’” he shared in March 2019. “I said, ‘From the minute you were born, for some reason, everybody knew your first name.’ He went, ‘Really?’ I said, ‘Yeah! They knew your name.’ So I said, ‘It’s you!’”

He continued, “[Time flies] like you wouldn’t believe. … I said to someone the other day, ‘It’s much easier than I thought.’ And then you can’t imagine ever not having him. … It’s the most amazing feeling.”

Cowell is only a father to one little one, but it seems he and Silverman, 46, have no plans to expand their family in the near future. (Lauren shares an older son, Adam, with ex-husband Andrew Silverman.)

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“I think he’s quite happy being the only son right now,” Cowell told Us in September 2019. “But we have a very, very close relationship. We’re like buddies.”

Cowell added, “I couldn’t imagine my life now without him. Life is so much easier with him. I don’t get stressed about stuff anymore. You want him to be happy.”

The music manager also noted that a lot in his life — including “diet and waking hours” — changed after welcoming his son. “Everything fits in with him now, so I can do all the things he likes,” Cowell added.

With reporting by Kevin Zelman