Travis Barker just revealed why he runs three miles every morning while he's on tour


Travis Barker announced his venture into the healthy living space by channeling his inner Forrest Gump.

On June 18, the blink-182 drummer debuted a new “health and wellness experience” called “Run Travis Run” on social media with the help of his wife, Kourtney Kardashian Barker. He uploaded a video to TikTok that showed him re-creating the unforgettable running scene from “Forrest Gump.”

The clip shows the rocker putting on a red cap, similar to the one Tom Hanks' beloved character wore in the 1994 film, and jogging along a dirt road.

Kardashian Barker then appears on the side of the road and encourages her husband with a classic line from the film. “Run Travis, run!” she cheers as Barker runs.

“I JUST FELT LIKE RUNNING,” he wrote in the caption. “Come run with me!!! Introducing”

He linked to his new website, which includes dates for upcoming events in Los Angeles and New York City. The dates align with his band’s concerts next month at SoFi Stadium on July 6 and Citi Field on July 21.

The website said those who register for the events will get to “experience a day-in-the-life of Travis Barker before he hits the main stage.”

A timed morning run will begin at 9 a.m. for both events, according to a press release. Participants can sign up for fitness classes and mindfulness workshops as well.

There are a few additional details about the event. “All participants will receive a shirt, medal and entrance to the revival zone featuring experiential activations and exclusive access to top brands,” the site said.

Barker explained why he decided to launch a health initiative in a statement posted on the site. In it, the drummer touched on the nearly fatal plane crash in 2008 that killed four people. Barker and disk jockey Adam Michael Goldstein, “DJ AM,” survived but suffered second and third-degree burns on their bodies. Goldstein later died in 2009 due to unrelated circumstances.

“After my accident in 2008 more than 70% of my body was burnt and I was told by doctors that I may never be able to walk or play drums the same again,” he said.

Barker continued, “I was never athletic and I never played sports but I immediately had this urge to prove everyone wrong including myself.”

He said his wellness journey started with short walks before he began running every day.

“I’ve kept this up for years now, and I always start my day with it. I even run 3 miles everyday before my shows when I’m on tour,” he shared.

Barker said he recently participated in his first half marathon and also ran in a few 5Ks. He enjoys being a member of the running community and said he wants Run Travis Run “to bring like minded people together.”

He added, “I wanna motivate people to get outside and walk or run for a few hours, as well as make healthy decisions and create healthy habits. This is what Run Travis Run is built off of and we are just getting started.”

Last year, Barker shared on his Threads page that he took his 30th flight since the tragic accident. He thanked Kardashian Barker for helping him recover.

“Wouldn’t be able to tour or enjoy life again the way I do without the healing love of my amazing wife. I love @kourtneykardash,” he sweetly said.

She reposted his message on Instagram and gushed, “so proud of my husband.”

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