When to see the Strawberry Moon in the sky

June’s full moon, also known as the "Strawberry Moon," is a dazzling sight that occurs when the moon passes the red star Antares, causing a pink hue. Read below for details on when and how to see it.

When is the Strawberry Moon?

According to space.com, the next Strawberry Moon will occur the night of June 21, with a peak at 9:08 p.m.

Get ready for a busy few days, with the summer solstice occurring the day before the Strawberry moon, and the full moon occurring the day after.

How to see the Strawberry Moon

According to Almanac.com, the best way to view the Strawberry Moon is to look southeast and watch it rise gently above the horizon. The peak of the Strawberry Moon will occur at 9:08 p.m. but viewers should start watching when the sun goes down.

There is no need for a telescope or binoculars, as the Strawberry Moon will be visible to the naked eye, but remember it’s always best to find a spot with minimal light when viewing the sky.

Be patient and enjoy the nice summer weather with friends, family, and whoever you wish to spend time with.

Finally, If you know your constellations, look out for the teapot, which will appear close to the moon!

This article originally appeared on NorthJersey.com: Strawberry Moon 2024 to light up the sky in June