See the 'Iconic' Way Will Ferrell Embarrassed His Son Magnus at Prom

Will Ferrell is just as much of a comedian at home as he is when cameras are rolling, at least, according to images his son, Magnus, shared online.

In a set of photos the 20-year-old uploaded to TikTok earlier this week, Magnus joined the trend of users on the platform rating questionable, funny and, in some cases, bleak or poor decisions made by their parents or some other authoritative figure in their life.

The first of two photos was a selfie of Magnus that included text which read: "Rating things my dad has done." In the second slide, he explained that during one of high school's biggest events, Will showed up in costume to try and "embarrass" him.

He included a throwback photo as proof, which captured the Anchorman actor decked out in what appeared to be traditional garb worn during the Middle Ages before seeing Magnus off to prom.

"Dressed as a medieval lord to embarrass me at prom," he wrote across the image before rating the experience a "10000/10."

Fans far and wide sincerely appreciated the candid shot of the father-son duo, praising Will for his flawless prank and Magnus for sharing.

"I would personally be okay with that bc he’s Will Ferrell," one admitted.

Another joked, "he looks rlly familiar almost like an elf."

"he ate though i fear," a third quipped.

Even the social team at Good Morning America got a kick out of it, sharing a screenshot of the family photo on Instagram and calling it "so iconic."

Will appears to be close with the eldest of the three sons he shares with Viveca Paulin, his wife of nearly 24 years. This past fall, the comedian and producer went viral for DJing a frat party while visiting Magnus at the University of Southern California, and before that, the doting dad channeled one of his most memorable Saturday Night Live skits while supporting his son at his first live show.

Along with Magnus, Will and Viveca are also the proud parents of teenage sons Mattias, 17, and Axel, 14.

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