Lake Havasu: Spring Break Along the Colorado River

Lake Havasu spring break

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Nestled behind the Colorado River's Parker Dam, Lake Havasu became a haven for fishermen and recreationalists soon after its creation. The reservoir straddles the borders of Arizona and California, beckoning locals and travelers alike to its water. In recent years, Lake Havasu has become a mecca of sorts for Americans looking to enjoy spring break a little closer to home. AOL Travel takes a look at Lake Havasu spring break and what's in store for 2011.

Lake Havasu Spring Break Activities

For activities on Lake Havasu, spring breakers should definitely consider participating in the festivities at Copper Canyon. The popularity of Lake Havasu spring break is said to have started in this little cove located about four miles south of London Bridge. (Yes, it's a bridge formed from the stone of the original London Bridge.) Boats are lined up and tied up in this cove as spring breakers party it up. Aside from Copper Canyon, you can try a place locals call "Sandbar," located almost 15 miles north of London Bridge. Rent or bring jet skis, boats, kayaks, or anything that floats to enjoy the massive party on the water.

Also of interest:

• Spring breakers going to Lake Havasu may be interested in knowing that Mardi Gras will be celebrated in the area for much of March.
• Check out Kokomo Havasu and Martini Bay when the sun goes down and the night heats up.
• If you need more ideas on things to do while in Lake Havasu, the Lake Havasu City Convention and Visitor's Bureau may be helpful.

Lake Havasu Spring Break Accommodations

Lake Havasu City has around 20 different hotel and motel options. If comfort and quality can't be sacrificed, you might want to try the Hampton Inn. If you're looking for a budget hotel that still provides some value, the Motel 6 may fit the bill.

Another option for spring breakers to consider is renting a houseboat for five days on Lake Havasu. Be where the party is or make your own party on the lake. Looking at two different houseboat renters, it seems that prices start around $4,000 for a five-day/four-night rental. The smaller 56-foot boats sleep up to ten comfortably according to National Park Reservations, which works out to around $100 a night if ten people chip in. Lake Havasu Houseboats has almost identical rates. Note that boats are selling out quickly for March spring breakers. As of this writing Lake Havasu Houseboats is showing no availability between March 8 and 22. If interested, book quickly! It may be an amazing alternative to staying in a hotel for the party.

Despite the options, spring breakers looking for accommodations at the last minute may discover booked out hotels. The frugal spring breaker may want to consider camping. As a state park, Lake Havasu has several options for spring breakers. It's also quite possible that the prices of camping sites won't be raised specifically for spring break activities. You can find more information on the park's official page.

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