Score Over 30% Off This Editor-Tested Backpack Leaf Blower

greenworks 80v cordless backpack leaf blower
The Best Backpack Leaf Blower Is Over 30% Off NowPopular Mechanics; Greenworks

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Despite its name, it’s a given that leaf blowers can be used beyond clearing leaves in the fall. And since you might be regularly mowing your lawn at this point in the year, a leaf blower is particularly useful for cleaning up your sidewalk and driveway. But in case you don’t have a leaf blower (or not one you’re all that jazzed about, at least), we have a suggestion that can also help save you some money.

The editor-tested and -approved Greenworks 80-Volt Cordless Backpack Leaf Blower is now on sale on Amazon for 32 percent off. This means that the usually-$350 leaf blower is now just under $240, making this the lowest price we’ve seen this model go for on Amazon all year. So, if you require a leaf blower, we wouldn’t pass up this deal.

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80V Cordless Backpack Leaf Blower


This leaf blower has earned our editors’ stamp of approval. Our team dubbed this particular pick the best backpack model in our guide to the best cordless options, calling out its design and power. Beyond that, Test Editor Bradley Ford and Former Commerce Editor Kevin Cortez wrote that this model “scored high marks for its comfortable and highly adjustable shoulder straps, an ergonomic handle, and the 90-degree elbow that connects the impeller housing to the flexible blower tube. That elbow permits the blower tube to pivot straight up, so it takes up less space when you store this model in the garage or shed.”

Plus, if you think a backpack blower might be too heavy, we have good news. “This Greenworks is the lightest and most compact of the backpack blowers we tested,” our editors wrote. For those interested in a light option that can help your yard look spick and span this summer (and really, all year round), we’d highly suggest getting in on this deal while you can.

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