Sabrina Carpenter Is Releasing Espresso Ice Cream Inspired By Her Hit Song

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Sabrina Carpenter Is Releasing Espresso Ice CreamGetty Images / Sabrina Carpenter/Instagram

Sabrina Carpenter's latest single is "Please, Please, Please," but we're still singing "Espresso," which is arguably the song of the summer. And now, we have a dedicated ice cream flavor inspired by the hit track.

Over the weekend, the Eras Tour opener announced her latest collab, a partnership with Van Leeuwen ice cream. "Available starting JUNE 28th!!!!!" Carpenter wrote on Instagram, alongside a pic of the new espresso flavor.

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Instagram/Sabrina Carpenter

"It is that sweet," Carpenter wrote over a second Instagram Story where she showed off the chocolate swirled pint. The comment was an obvious nod to her lyrics: "Now he's thinkin' 'bout me every night, oh/Is it that sweet? I guess so," she sings in "Espresso. "Say you can't sleep, baby, I know/That's that me, espresso."

While Van Leeuwen has yet to announce the pint debut themselves, according to one Reddit user, the ice cream maker is already sampling the flavor for fans.

"It looks so good... They had trucks out testing it and every was loving it," the original poster wrote in the online thread, before adding that it "should be any store where the brand is carried."

"I typically have better luck finding limited items are more bougie stores like Whole Foods or Fresh Market, somewhere like that," they continued. "But when I searched for store locators, Walmart popped up as one so I’m hoping it’ll be everywhere!"

"If they think they’re gonna successfully dupe me, a person who has zero taste for coffee, into buying this, then… they might be right," another Redditer joked.

Fellow ice cream/Sabrina Carpenter have taken to social media to gush over the new launch, too. "You already know I’m buying sooooo many of those," one person tweeted. "i’m buying them all," another added.

"TRUST i will be doing what it takes for sabrina carpenter x van leeuwen ice cream," a third person wrote.

Van Leeuwen did not return our request for comment on the launch, but according to Sabrina herself, it's set to hit stores and scoop shops starting June 28.

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