Romantic Vacations: How to Pick a Destination

romantic vacations

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Poets, philosophers and academics have tried to understand romance for as long as lovers have gazed into each other's eyes. Those lovers know what quickens their hearts when they are together, but it's hard to put it into words. In many ways, it's equally hard to define romantic vacations. What is romantic to one couple may be sappy to another. But there are certain types of places that make romantic vacations happen a bit more easily.

Romantic Vacations: To the Beach!
Few places spark romance more than the seashore. Whether you're shelling in Sarasota or hugging in Hawaii, there's just something about sun and sand that sings to the heart. No matter how crowded the beach is during the day, few folks linger at night, making it perfect for long moonlit walks on the edge of the surf. And if the sun gets too hot during the day, you can always retire to the coolness of your hotel or resort to heat things up in a different way.

Romantic Vacations: All Inclusive Resorts
A romantic vacation should have you and your significant other thinking about, well, romance. Not cooking, cleaning, choosing restaurants, and deciding what to do or how to pay for everything. That's where a romantic vacation at an all inclusive resort comes in. For one prepaid price, you can have meals, drinks, activities, lodging and transportation covered. Popular romantic destinations include Cancun, Tahiti, and Costa Rica. To make sure your romantic vacation isn't disturbed by hordes of screaming children, check out an exclusive couples-only resort.

Romantic Vacations: Shared Interests
The best relationships embrace at least a few shared interests. If you both love to hit the slopes, a romantic vacation at a ski resort may be in order (think long massages in your room afterward). Francophiles can't help but have a romantic vacation in Paris. Oui, c'est magnifique! Scuba diving couples can sneak a kiss underwater at spots all over the world.

Plan ahead for what you need to take on your romantic vacation. Your supplies will vary, depending on your destination, but what you bring is not as important as what you leave behind – the stress, worries and the day-to-day annoyances that conspire to keep romance at bay.

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