How to Plan a Romantic Vacation: Top Five Tips for the Best Romantic Getaways

romantic vacations

Are you stressed over how to plan a romanticvacation? Don't be -- it's easy. Don't believe me? Read on.

There are just five things you need to create a recipe for romance, and anyone can do it. Even if you think you're not the "romantic type," you can manage this -- and your partner will love you for it.

Every couple is different, so there's no one prescription to address each pair's needs, but these Top 5 Tips for How to Plan Romantic Vacations will help you figure out what your needs are, and how to fulfill them with flying colors.

How to Plan Romantic Vacations - Tip #1

Location, location ... meh. Romantic vacations do not need to be in outrageously fancy or faraway destinations. What you do need is a room with a view. Chances are, you can find that in a B&B by your nearest body of water or national park. If you want to go to Tahiti, that'll work too. The point is, if you follow the other four tips for romantic vacations, it won't matter so much how far your traveled or how much your room cost.

How to Plan Romantic Vacations - Tip #2

Plan an adventure. Nothing breeds romantic feelings like a rush of adrenaline, so wherever you go, make sure you plan yourselves an adventure. What adventure means to you and your partner could be anything from a long motorcycle ride to skydiving, or spelunking, hiking ... whatever you like. You need to get out of your usual element and experience something together. You know how in the ends of action movies, the male and female characters who were under siege together always end up making out? It's like that. Adrenaline is awesome.

How to Plan Romantic Vacations - Tip #3

Plan some time alone in the room. Getting out of town can be so exciting that you may want to pack your day with fun activities. The trouble is, if you pack it too tightly, you'll both be exhausted at the end of the day and wholly unable to spend that quality time together in the room you desire. Consider an early dinner, and don't schedule yourself an 8 AM tour every day. Mandatory afternoon naps are also great for cuddling.

How to Plan Romantic Vacations - Tip #4

Be respectful and listen. When you plan a trip for you and someone else, there is a danger that you will overplan and/or end up dragging a tired person through a lot of things they don't want to do. If your partner feels like they don't have a say, they can check out mentally, or worse, resent you for keeping them in what feels like captivity. Be sure and leave some holes in your schedule for relaxing and for a spur-of-the-moment decision to go horseback riding (or whatever spontaneous ideas you two may have). If you've planned something your partner really doesn't want to do, don't make them do it -- and if they need to spend a couple of hours alone, let them. It's okay.

How to Plan Romantic Vacations - Tip #5

There should always be a surprise. The trip itself doesn't have to be a surprise. In fact, that can be dangerous for a lot of reasons. There should, however, be some surprise you have planned for your partner. A bottle of champagne in the room doesn't count (anyone in their right mind will assume it was a complimentary welcome-gift) and a nice dinner doesn't count (what, you were going to go to McDonald's?). Think about planning a surprise tour or activity like a hot air balloon or helicopter ride, and write it out on a card, so they have something to open -- and make sure they've packed the right clothing/gear for it. You can also give a thoughtful gift. That way, just when your partner is thinking about how wonderful you are for planning the trip, you can hit them with a surprise that will bowl them over. This is a recipe for "I love you" tears. Bonus points if you save your surprise until at least the second day, and unveil it at a scenic overlook of some kind.

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