RHOA's Eva Marcille Hits Back At Body Shamers After Recent Weight Loss

Eva Marcille has been posting on Instagram a lot about her kids lately, with a smattering of selfies in the mix, too. And, with that, people have noticed that the Real Housewives of Atlanta alum has lost some weight.

But the 39-year-old recently shared on the Tamron Hall Show that her weight loss was linked to the stress of going through a serious life change.

Here’s what Eva has shared about her weight loss, plus how she’s doing now.

Eva Marcille 'lost weight naturally' while going through her divorce to Michael Sterling.

Eva and Michael Sterling's divorce was finalized last August. Eva said the stress of her divorce led to her losing weight, and some people criticized her for it.

"I thought I looked cute," she told Tamron Hall. "I went through a divorce last year. Anyone that's ever been through a divorce knows that divorce is hard. It's like the stomach flu—you will be skinny afterward. You're gonna drop at least 30 pounds."

Eva also said that she “lost weight just naturally, going through life.” She added, “I found myself depressed before my divorce, through my divorce, and trying to navigate and rediscover: Who am I?"

She’s gone on a healing journey.

Eva, who won American’s Next Top Model back in 2004, said that she’s working on healing from her experience.

She posted an IG of her then compared to now and captioned it, "20 years later🌻"

"The negative feelings, the things that are not good, where do you put them? You try to bury them down," she said. "I'm not the wife anymore. I'm not someone's someone. I'm someone's mom, but if I took the mom away, if I took Top Model away, like, who is Eva? Who am I? And making sure I prioritize that character and building that character."

Eva encourages kindness around topics like weight and weight loss.

Eva also addressed negative comments that she’s heard from people about her weight loss. "Though I will be positive, I will find my cup half full, always, it still hurts,” she said.

She also previously addressed comments about her weight on Instagram with a picture of a quote that read, “My mom once said, ‘Everyone in your life will have a last day with you and you don’t know when it will be.’” Eva simply wrote in the comments, “Be kind.”

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