Real estate transfers: 2 Plain Township homes sell for more than $850K

Two Plain Township homes recently sold for more than $850,000, according to the latest real estate transfers filed with the Stark County Auditor's Office.

A four-bedroom, 3,584-square-foot home at 980 Honeysuckle Circle NE sold for $879,900.

A five-bedroom, 5,226-square-foot home at 897 Braemar Circle NE sold for $850,000.

The real estate transfers cover May 25 to May 31.


Barker Roger Lee from Nichols Cory S & Stacey E, 963 Homestead Ave, $70,000.

Congemi Sean Joseph & Mariah from Runner Joshua T & Rachael E, 896 Parkway BLVD, $220,000.

Dekowski Cody & Hammond Arianna from Sands Jeffery A, 1062 Roseland Rd, $170,000.

Garcia Jose & David from Hamilton Sarah A, 2325 Miller Ave, $115,000.

Green Family Property LLC from Tri S Properties, 2462 S Rockhill Ave, $198,900.

KS Estates LLC from Rickerman Power LLC, 1241 S Rockhill Ave, $45,000.

Mason Starrett from Van-York Elijah, 726 N Webb Ave, $8,700.

Mason Starrett from York Elijah Van, parcel 10016095 Webb Ave N, $8,700.

MK112OH LLC from Mercer Richard E & Brenda S, 673 N Lincoln Ave, $26,000.

Murphy Jacqueline S from Rummell Hannah J, 2159 Blenheim Ave, $164,900.

Premier Homes Inc from Iser Floyd & Heidi, 102 W Washington St, $50,000.

Thurmond Zachery J from Kelly Caytlin, 907 S Webb Ave, $24,000.

White Birch Properties LLC from Skylimit Properties Ltd, 326 E Columbia St, $90,000.

Bethlehem Township

Bealer Julie A from Hlasko Robert A & Sarah A, parcel 1100788 Safari Trl, $4,000.

Burleson Ralph E Jr from Vincent Beth A, 25 Jacob St NE, $140,000.

Canal Way Properties LLC from Garl Donald E, 30 Canal St W, $150,000.

Chambers Richard G from Hinsch Linda M, 94 G St Nav Vil, $12,000.

Indorf Mitchell from Indorf Mitchell, 9171 Erie Ave SW, $596,000.

Mcclelland Ray Sr from Taylor Kathe R, 43 C St Nav Vil, $42,900.

Six Chad D from Smith Joanne M, parcel 1100894 Safari Trl, $19,400.


1832 14th St Strategic Management and from Warren Frank Jr, 1832 14th St SE, $25,000.

Abbott Theone L from Edwards Robert Sr, 712 Shadyside Ave SW, $123,000.

Babb Rollins Eric Jade Sr from Brown Mercedes, 1946 4th St SE, $8,800.

Bhatti Saeed A & Atmal Rauf from Downtown Auto Sales LLC, 1939 Mahoning Rd NE, $120,000.

Brusso Lisa M from Sherritt Jeffrey R Jr, parcel 213143 Brant Ave NW, $93,750.

Buy Stark Homes LLC from Geitgey Randall S, 253 Lawn Ave SW, $40,000.

Canton for All People Acquisition & from Brockert Matthew L, 1124 7th St NW, $15,000.

Carmany Timothy from Meola Real Estate Management Ltd, 336 6th St NW, $54,700.

Chowdhury Madina M from Chowdhury Mokbul & Mazea, 2503 Daleford Ave NE, $75,000.

Collins Jay C from Baldwin Jeffrey, 1708 3rd St SE, $8,800.

Dunaway Dallas C from Peterson Mark, 1369 Ivydale Ave SW, $93,000.

Hathaway Holdings LLC & Homeworthy from Miles Elizabeth T, 444 Rice Ave NE, $53,500.

Henderson Dallis & Blake from Kroh Kimberly J, 203 30th St NW, $180,000.

Infinite Auto Glass LLC from Perry Tire Company, 2341 Navarre Rd SW, $250,000.

Jacobo Janet from Hamilton Richard R & Kathryn N, 801 12th St NW, $35,000.

JLJ Capital LLC from Pollyana Properties LLC, 1339 14th St NW, $185,000.

Jordan Cynthia J & Timothy from Stutler Aundrea G, 2346 22nd St NE, $105,000.

K S Yoak Enterprises LLC from Envision Real Estate LLC, 204 Broad Ave NW, $38,000.

K S Yoak Enterprises LLC from Stebbins Patricia Arlene, 2220 7th St SW, $10,000.

K&R Property Solutions LLC from Equity Trust Company Custodian FBO Sayle, 1022 19th St NE, $72,500.

K&R Property Solutions LLC from Woods Richard H, 2311 Harmont Ave NE, $52,500.

Mason Steven A from Mcghee James R, 840 the O'jays Pkwy NE, $11,550.

Mason Steven A from Mcghee James R, parcel 10010100 14th St SE, $3,850.

Mattingly Naomi from Pennington David S, 811 23rd St NW, $130,000.

Miller Mark C & Robin Ann from Schaub David C & Haley A, 234 19th St NW, $328,400.

Myers Eric from Wells Anissa & Nathan, 248 Whipple Ave NW, $150,000.

Perez Maurilio & Thomas Enemias from Roan Curt J & Penny Sue, 2641 Mahoning Rd NE, $51,000.

Premier Homes Inc from Benchmark Properties of Ohio Ltd, 1520 16th St NE, $44,500.

Pristine Real Estate LLP from Rowan Matthew A, 639 32nd St NW, $110,050.

Snyder Julia from Barkheimer Realty Ltd, 1102 Valleyview Ave SW, $154,900.

Specialized Trust Company Custodian FBO from Zorger Megan G, 2104 17th St NE, $35,000.

Sprague Cathy P from Leadingham Patriciaa, 1350 21st St NW, $50,000.

Terry Ariana & Xavier from Scott Robert P & Rebecca A, 831 Smith Ave NW, $84,000.

Top Realty Enterprises LLC from Archer-Bailey April, 1224 Dougherty PL NW, $37,100.

Wells Anissa from Luca Frank A, 1126 18th St NE, $75,000.

Canton Township

Brusso Lisa M from Sherritt Jeffrey R Jr, 1133 Brant Ave NW, $93,750.

City Captial Real Estate Holdings Inc from Miller Vera M, 2367 17th St SE, $28,000.

David Troyer Construction Ltd from Malavite Development Inc, 5012 Ashmont Ave SW, $44,000.

Drennan Dennis & Frances P Co Ttees from Peck Charles Christopher & Dunigan Kate, 1386 Stardust Ave NW, $280,000.

Forsythe Robert v & Charlotte C & from Morris George E Jr & Marci A, 1005 37th St SW, $100,000.

Glaserman Shellarean Ore from Westlyn Kaye Cunningham, 370 Dietz Ave NE, $162,500.

Greenwald Jordan D & Kroh Kimberly from Owens Paula N Trustee of the Paula N Owe, 1413 Harbor Dr, $610,000.

Marjoan Properties LLC from Lewis Goldie G, 1336 Faircrest St SE, $82,500.

Parsons Paige from Chatelain Suzanne & Keller Louis, 3620 2nd St SE, $67,379.

Rickus Jordan from Hurricane Development LLC, 4703 Ridge Ave SE, $163,000.

Robinson Donna from Murphy Stark Real Estate Ltd, parcel 1315150 37th St SW, $114,900.

Smith Logan M & Baker Kayla D from Evans Kendra E, 246 46th St SW, $227,900.

Jackson Township

Benzel Sabryna J & Alazaus Brant B from Thewes James R & Dorothy M, 9025 Portage St NW, $249,000.

Daniels Christopher M from Prestige Worldwide Re LLC, 9465 Shady Oaks St NW, $270,000.

Deville Roger L from Deville Hills & Dales LLC, 5885 Hawks Nest Cir NW Condo 15A, $509,000.

Frient Andrew J Sr & Gottwalt Nichole from Cruz Edilberto, 8175 Glenburn St NW, $250,000.

Keller Erin E from Cahill Patrick M & Deborah M, parcel 1602890 Fleetwood Ave NW, $25,000.

May Jared M & Moore Tierra R from Myhre Erlend & Doreen, 8910 Glasgow Cir NW, $554,900.

Robinson Lindsay & Sarbaugh Eric from Morrison Randy A & Freshley Melissa M, 3914 Dartmouth Ave NW, $235,000.

Schuller Timothy D & Suzette M from Ahmad Munir & Neelam Ijaz, 6607 Woodbridge Cir NW, $527,500.

Vance Melissa & Greg from Varner Dianna L, 7518 Klingston St NW, $240,000.

Williams Brooke & Aumiller Dallas from Haidautu Lucian & Della, 4524 Rohrdale Ave NW, $225,000.

Willowdale Country Club Harris Joshua A from Willowdale Country Club Iadanza Janelle, 153 Spruce Dr NW, $547,500.

Lake Township

Craig Christine from Obrien Wayne L & Britney R A, 2469 Vixen St NW, $305,000.

Ewing Todd & Beverly from Turgeon Lucas & Taylor Hunter M, 1043 Cayuga Trl SW, $339,000.

Millers Clubhouse LLC from Seven Hills Country Club LLC, 11700 William Penn Ave NE, $484,000.

Sirpilla Gregory A & Cathy J from Sirpilla Ryan G & Emilyse M, parcel 10017976 Heckman St NW, $76,000.

Tosanovic Radisa & Madeleine from Lesser Roberta S Ttee, 3606 Falcon Chase St NW, $352,000.


Ferrebee Landen Kline from Dennis Chris, 251 Ohio Ave, $169,900.

K Hovnanian at Orchard Park LLC from Maxsam Investments LLC, 383 Golden Apple Dr NE, $67,320.

Vancamp Tyler from Mayle Dwayne E, 1523 S Chapel St, $217,500.

Marlboro Township

Fox Joshua Charles & Shandle Mistee from Shahan Robert G & Elisabeth A, 11241 Reeder Ave NE, $440,000.

Medina Real Estate Solutions LLC from Hiscott Matthew B, 11184 Reeder Ave NE, $450,000.

Russell Matthew R & Buehler Kelly R from Russell Deborah Aka Debora L, 14865 Ravenna Ave NE, $260,000.

Russell Matthew R & Buehler Kelly R from Russell Deborah L, parcel 3101193 Ravenna Ave NE, $260,000.


Beery Construction LLC from Richardson Loretta H, parcel 602942 Pearl Ave SE, $5,500.

Berardelli Thomas M Jr & Reiter Kristen from Barber Crystal Marie, 2531 Meadows Ave NW, $163,840.

Burleson Jacob from Collins Kevin L, parcel 612201 Pearl Ave SE, $8,500.

Corley Joyce from Moore Jacob D & Colleen J, 16 Ohio Ave NE, $86,000.

Dolan David J & Carolyn A from Conrad Jeffrey D & Carla, 2130 Championship Cir SE, $482,000.

Domer Joanna Marie & Cranfill Aaron Lee from Hartman Joseph M, 830 Seneca St NE, $165,000.

Martin Tim from Roudebush Robert L Jr, 860 17th St NW, $65,000.

Miles Miranda & Rylee from Orozco Juan C & Barbara A, 1600 Byron Ave SW, $200,000.

Miller Taylor & Roberts Tanner J from Fulbright Clayton M & Stephanie D, 1798 Springhaven Cir NE, $280,000.

Raspberry Real Estate Ltd from Dash Residential LLC, 314 5th St SW, $185,000.

Tanner James from Grass William & Patti L, 224 North Ave NE, $170,000.

Yutzy Holdings LLC from Rohr Kenneth A Jr, 504 2nd St NE, $125,000.

Nimishillen Township

Horton Lori K & John from Ross Susan Assunta Ttee, 5358 Oakridge Dr, $248,000.

North Canton

Barth Michael D & Morgan A from Greenwald Jordan D, 1145 7th St NE, $351,000.

Etc1 Properties LLC from Frutschy Timothy J & Megan L, 403 10th St NE, $115,000.

Iadanza Janelle P & Jordan A from Cross John R & Julie R Co Trustees of TH, 307 Gaslight Cir SE, $500,000.

Johnson Brittney J & Svoboda from Sheets Brent A, 368 Woodside Ave NE, $248,000.

Lake Jessica M from Smith Edna F, 212 7th St NE, $154,600.

Pursley Marlee Christine & Tristen from Pursley Melissa & Fye Sheila, 1030 Overland Ave NE, $140,000.

Sheets Brent & Theresa from Wise Terry H & Lisa S & Lynda A, 1260 E Maple St, $302,000.

Tedrow Robert L & Cynthia J Ttees from Skiba J Patricia, 142 Holl Rd NE, $162,000.

Osnaburg Township

Mueller Kelly A & Motts Andrew J from Motts John Q & Linda K, 10195 Lisbon St E, $425,000.

Paris Township

Redline Auto Repair LLC from Bishop Donna D, 11195 Lincoln St SE, $25,000.

Taylor Joyce A from Minerva One Ltd, 615 E Lincoln Way, $129,900.

Perry Township

Allison Joshua Allen from Reed David M, 235 Genoa Ave SW, $130,000.

Bowes Brandon K & Pugh Paige A from Evans Elizabeth I, 1425 Manor Ave SW, $149,900.

Christopher Brad A from Wilkins Ashley, 174 Mount Marie Ave NW, $236,000.

Dbaltzer LLC from Tony Logozzo Construction LLC, parcel 4319184 Jimmie St SW, $31,000.

Degenhard Michael L & Carr Caitlin A from Lykins Michael L & Julie Lynn, 510 Manor Ave NW, $220,000.

DSCZ Investments LLC from All Type Heating & Cooling LLC, 5203 Tuscarawas St W, $240,000.

Farmer Matthew J & Brianna D from Wales Randy S, 5945 Fohl Rd SW, $257,500.

Farmer Matthew J & Brianna D from Wales Randy S, parcel 4316868 Fohl St SW, $257,500.

Fuchs Charles D from Steele Lillian D, 3005 Conover St NW, $155,000.

Murphy Steven C from Strauss Donald Ttee of the Strauss, 2440 Carlyle St NW, $216,000.

Smith Lisa M from Rinaldi David R & Tonya S, 1733 Plymouth Knoll Ave NW, $270,000.

Spencer Klaye A from Zutavern Donald B &Deatra R, 135 Harding Ave SW, $181,000.

Yu Qianqian from Ealy Tracey Lanai, 131 Bordner Ave SW, $180,000.

Pike Township

Hayhurst Daniel from Warstler Raymond Paul, 2363 Battlesburg Rd SW, $30,000.

Smith Andrew P from Smith Marjorie B, 6936 Sherman Church Ave SW, $225,000.

Plain Township

Eslich John Rocco & Shapiro Kimberley from Snodgrass Brittany R Trustee, 980 Honeysuckle Cir NE, $879,900.

Keller Daniel William from Kesner Kenneth R & Star M, 1759 Gate House St NE, $352,000.

Miles Cameron Price & Desiree Lashelle from J&J Home Improvements LLC, 1209 34th St NE, $250,000.

Noyes Michael Ryan & Kristi from Musa Roger & Maram, 897 Braemar Cir NE, $850,000.

Schaffner Christian from Eisenbrei David L & Gregory L, 1196 Doncaster St NW, $295,000.

Schmitthenner August E & Linda M from Miles Kohltin S & Chelsey L, 2062 Summerchase Rd NE, $479,000.

Shaw Hanna K from Everson Bryan B & Sarah M, 8005 Woodrush Dr NW, $290,000.

Sandy Township

Anderson Preston G from Tozzi Rentals LLC, 205 Meadow Brook Pkwy, $105,000.

Sugar Creek Township

Geier Gage Jeffery from Norris Dawn, 195 7th St SW, $150,000.

Kandel Damien L & Samantha L from Yoder Levi M & Hershberger Katlyn R, 118 2nd Ave NW, $225,000.

Miller Hayden & Knoll Mackenzie from Legacy Properties Unlimited LLC, 375 2nd St SE, $169,000.

Tuscarawas Township

Chapman Eric from Sanor Ian, parcel 7205752 Kimmens Rd SW, $205,000.

Harig Heath R from R & R Properties of Ohio LLC, 11340 Wooster St NW, $25,000.

Werstler Jason Michael from Dehoff Bridget, 14878 Wooster St NW, $249,900.

Washington Township

Barker Melissa from Wells Robert, 11791 Easton St NE, $190,000.

Hiscott Tara E from Global Real Estate Solutions LLC, 86 Bayton St E, $199,000.

Wade Matthew J from Frank Todd, 3484 Baldwin Ave, $214,900.

This article originally appeared on The Repository: 2 Plain Township homes sell for more than $850,000 in Stark County