Real estate sales in Peoria, Tazewell and Woodford counties for Nov. 19, 2023

These real estate transactions, recorded the week of Nov. 6, are compiled from information on file with Peoria, Tazewell and Woodford counties. They represent sales of $78,000 or more.


2101 W. Manor Parkway, West Peoria: Massey Rentals Inc. to Jessica M. Surrells, $82,500.

3610 N. Sandia Drive, Peoria: Chasatie D. Pitts to Visayanti Allen, $84,000.

4605 N. Lyndale Terrace, Peoria: Clark & Campbell Investments Inc. to Roger McKenna, $85,000.

341 W. Barrington Road, Peoria: Kayla S. and Roger Clark to Black Crane LLC, $85,000.

3805 N. Walround Lane, Peoria: Danielle and Devan Lyons and Erick, Roderick, Cedrick and Derrick Middleton to Tyler Hiatt, $85,000.

1219 E. Cox Ave., Peoria Heights: Ngo T.M. Nguyet and Thao V. Pham to Allison Vail, $90,000.

518 W. Gift Ave., Peoria: Barbara J. Castle to Jaime F. Saucedo and Nalleli M. Nieto, $90,000.

123 SW Jefferson St., Peoria: Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation and National Default REO Services LLC to Charles G. Westlund Jr., $90,333.

11020 W. Farmington Road, Hanna City: CEFCU to Eric Kowalski, $92,000.

203 Bird Ave., Bartonville: Devon L. Kiddy to Cameron J. Ellis, $100,000.

1115 N. Coronado Drive, Peoria: Mary E. Reed to Alec R. Reed, $100,000.

1519 N. Wilson Ave., Chillicothe: Ronald D. and Lorie M. Stricker to Gary W. and Sarah R. Barth, $103,000.

1208 E. Fairview St., Peoria: Nicholas B. Losen to Tita B.D. Valenzuela and Esdras M.D. Fragoso, $129,900.

6111 N. Devonshire Drive, Peoria: Rise D. Crowl to Trudy A. Price, $129,900.

5619 N. Montello Drive, Peoria: Brian J. Monge and Joseph R. Fontana to Debra Banks, $133,000.

4103 N. Chelsea Place, Peoria: Gloria A. Perry to Molly Fulton, $134,900.

1318 N. Hoyt St., Chillicothe: Brooke E. Kramer to Andrew D. Schick, $134,900.

5617 W. Dirksen Parkway, Peoria: James W. Berry to Rachel V. Lawrence, $136,000.

1829 W. Daytona Drive, Peoria: Ronald J. and Pamela S. Isaia to David and Mimie Shin, $160,000.

621 W. Florence Ave., Peoria: Chelsea Howard to Joseph D. and Carissa St. Clair, $170,000.

4218 N. Brookmont Road, Peoria: Mary S. Grawey to Kevin M. Pearson, $170,150.

2103 W. Jubilee Lane, Dunlap: Carol and Michelle Marvin to Audrey E. Booher, $175,000.

4733 N. Laurel Drive, Peoria: Jackson C. and Shannon N. Graves to Laurel 4733 LLC, $181,000.

3925 S. Paramount Road, Bartonville: Vernon B. and Rosemary Guthrie to Sarah E. Winborn, $195,000.

501 W. Columbia Terrace, Peoria: Erickson Capital Investments LLC to Marie F. Drummond, $220,000.

4307 W. Carrousel Lane, Peoria: Michael McCall to Jonathan C. Staats, $225,000.

7001 W. Dickison-Cemetery Road, Dunlap: Stephen and Cealig A. Rial to Randy and Michelle Patrick, $275,000.

20513 N. Deer Bluffs Drive, Chillicothe: Stanley A. and Amy K. Fitzanko to Dale R. Jr. and Anjeanette M. Giddings, $289,000.

202 W. Wolf Road, Peoria: Chuck B. Atkinson to Miguel Sanchez and Judith Eichmann, $290,000.

12617 N. Fillyside Drive, Dunlap: David J. and Virginia L. Sessa to Dean R. and Diane C. Richmond, $295,000.

1912 W. Bristol Hollow Road, Dunlap: David and Jennifer Haney to Daniel M. and Coleen M. Whalen, $369,000.

2613 W. Wardcliffe Drive, Peoria: Simonson Investments LLC to LKY Enterprise LLC, $395,000.

11415 N. Joseph St., Dunlap: Samuel J. Arul and Kristine Samuel to Cartus Financial Corporation, $521,000.

11415 N. Joseph St., Dunlap: Cartus Financial Corporation to Phani C.R. Konatham, $521,000.

1010 NE Glen Oak Ave., Peoria: Keith and Casey Knepp to Eric Vens and Kathryn A. Trowbridge, $565,000.


1413 Illinois St., Pekin: Darrell D. and Donna D. Hansen to Tonya L. Jernigan, $82,000.

103 Temple Drive, Washington: Frances Greer to Jacob A. Scott, $86,500.

321 Willow St., Pekin: Donald D. McKinley to Jeannie Wilson, $94,900.

614 & 701-705 Stephanie Court, Washington: Trails Edge Developers LLC to Lahood Brothers Construction LLC, $110,000.

617 Spring St., Washington: Andrew J. and Joy M. Morris to Wanda Brakebill, $143,000.

1702 Florence Ave., Pekin: Brenda Fosdick to Timothy J. Ghidina, $149,900.

1417 Windstar Lane, Pekin: Cassie J. Murray to Pamela J. and Randall K. Seward, $152,000.

109 Rosewood Drive, Washington: Cortney Williams to Austin and Kelsey Celus, $152,900.

210 Court Drive, Washington: Carrie and Joseph Corey to Brandon Rodriguez, $155,000.

1523 Southmoor St., Pekin: Carma D. and Gregory W. Zessin to Austin Conner, $160,000.

117 Baker St., East Peoria: Chase D. Patton to Betty and Jeffrey L. Andris, $160,500.

14224 Woodrow Road, Green Valley: Janet C. and John W. Knight Sr. to Kristopher R. Williams, $175,000.

117 Kaskaskia Court, East Peoria: Linda and Michael Nolen to Cartus Financial Corporation, $209,900.

117 Kaskaskia Court, East Peoria: Cartus Financial Corporation to Jason and Jessica Barnes, $209,900.

1721 S. Second Ave., Morton: Diana M. Hauk to Frances and Hans Hinrichsen, $210,000.

2017 Almeda Court, Pekin: Chad L. and Cheryl F. Landry to Michael S. and Nicole R. McDowell, $399,900.

23501 Spring Creek Road, Washington: Scott A. Williams to Angela and Mark Smith, $800,000.

70 Commerce Drive, Morton: Morton Industries Buildings LLC to Morton Industries Properties LLC, $9,314,178.


1517 Division St., Metamora: Kevin and Anne Halpin to Eric and Jessica Force, $174,900.

901 Dennis Drive, Eureka: Amber L. and Charles S. Harmon to Jason and Michelle Dischert, $230,000.

1305 White Horse Trail, Metamora: Deanna L. and Eric A. Zimmerman to Jordan Doty and Nathalie Cornejo, $252,000.

1542 Division St., Metamora: Michael W. and Suzanne Pavesich to James and Laura Maurer, $306,000.

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