Reader wants Tennessee football gray uniforms burned. I put out the fire | Adams

My survey on what advice readers would offer Tennessee football coach Josh Heupel generated more interest than I expected. It's nice to see so many literary contributors would take their valuable time to help make UT football better than it is.

Here are a few more coaching tips, including one from a fashion-conscious fan.

Dan writes: I would give Coach Heupel one piece of Direct Advice: Take the GAG (God Awful Greys), put them in a pile & light the Match. Tens of Thousands of Alumni Despise that Uniform.

It came about on Butch Jones’ watch & when we see that Garbage-it is like The Revenge of Jones. I am as far from an Ala/Aub Fan as you can get, but both have enough Class not to Jack with their Uniforms.  We have the greatest Color in College Football so please wear it with Pride.

My response: I appreciate your respect for tradition. But once a program strays from its traditional uniform, it never goes back.

Try looking on the bright side: So far, the Vols have resisted the urge to don polka dot or pinstripe unis.

Terry writes: This year, Heupel needs to get his foot back on the gas as he did with Hooker under center. Ocho Nico's skill set resembles Hooker's and he will only get better with experience.

The O wasn't as efficient or explosive with Milton running things. These days, transfers are vital year in and year out, and Heupel has filled most needs, but can always improve here.

My response:  No one wants to see the offense rolling up big numbers as much as Heupel. He’s not a 30-point coach. He’s a 40-point coach.

Having Nico Iamaleava at quarterback should put Tennessee back in the 40s more often.

Jimmy writes: It’s difficult to give advice to someone who knows more than I do about the subject in question. If Heupel has Hendon Hooker level QB play, go hurry-up as much as possible.

The running game is crucial but too much up the middle on both first and second down can be a hindrance. I really have no faith in the defense or the defensive coaches − haven’t had since Heupel arrived.

I’d say bring in all the transfers you can if they add something to the team.

My response: You’re right about the transfers, especially if they play defense. The Vols added three defensive backs from the transport portal.

If they aren’t good enough to start, UT fans might still be concerned about their pass defense.

John writes: recent article on revenue sharing was spot on. Why not develop a system where the shared revenue is based on a percentage figure.

The factoring could be based on the number of athletes in the program or how much they contribute or cost the school.

ADAMS: Got any advice for Tennessee football coach Josh Heupel? My literary contributors do

I’m sure smarter people than myself can figure it out. Ensure you remove NIL money out of the equation. This way the football athletes would definitely get their fair share.

My response: It doesn’t take an abundance of common sense to comprehend the importance of taking care of your biggest moneymaker.

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