Your ultimate Coachella beauty essentials guide

By Fiore Beauty

It's Coachella time and half the fun is planning your festival style! You want to be sun-goddess gorgeous yet practical since you'll be hot and in the sun for so long, plus you can sacrifice too much of your fun time to your beauty, right?

When it comes to your makeup, you want it to be easy, bronzy, and impenetrable by the sun. Then take creative license with one element, I love the white liner binti look below. The Kate Somerville CC Cream blends beautifully and is SPF 50 without smelling sunblocky or getting in your eyes. The Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick is a beautiful and difficult to mess up way to add warmth and glowy color. Waterproof mascara is usually unnecessary but is a good idea for Coachella. The Lip Tars are a fun way to add color to your lips, last forever, and come in a million colors then you can just apply the Baby Lips with SPF as needed throughout the day.

For your hair, there are sooo many great head pieces for you to choose from, be it a feather, hair cascade, or band. I love the idea of making your own flower crowns with your own special touches for you and your girls. Dry shampoo is always the hero getting good texture into lazily styled hair, greasy roots, or squeezing another day out of your style. The Surf Spray is a great product for spraying on wet hair and letting your hair dry textured and messily sexy. You'll want to be sure to have your cute pony tail holders because wearing your hair down may be a good idea at the beginning of the day, and then...The Say Yes to Cucumber Wipes are for your face so they're great to take your makeup off at the end of the day but it's also a good idea to have them in your daytime bag in case your feet get dirty, you're feeling stinky, or something else needs a little extra cleanliness. You'll want never ending amounts of water to stay hydrated and luscious and these Bobble Bottles are basically genius, filtering any old tap water so you don't have to keep buying water and wasting more plastic. And lastly, SUNBLOCK!!!! Get the good stuff that's easy to put on and you'll want to wear!

Have fun you festival goers!
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