Wrangler's New Line of Moisturizing Jeans: Game-Changing or Gimmicky?

Since it's safe to assume we all wear jeans, it's also safe to assume we're aware of a few side effects denim has, such as itchy, dry legs. While most of us are willing to overlook some minor discomfort for the right pair, it seems one company is looking to combat the problem permanently with a new line of moisturizing jeans.

According to Vogue UK, Wrangler is set to release its new collection, Denim Spa, at the end of the month, which features jeans infused with anti-cellulite components and moisturizers from a variety of natural elements like apricot kernel oil, rosehip oil, and passion fruit oil.

The jeans-which will retail for $135 and be sold on ASOS-come in three different "finishes:" Aloe Vera, Olive Extract, and Smooth Legs (the supposed cellulite-fighter), but there is one caveat: The effects of the ingredients only last up to 15 days (around 67-95 wears), but a reloading spray will also available to buy.

The idea of creating denim with a focus on internal comfort seems smart, but we're wondering just how many people will jump to buy a pricey pair of jeans that basically become disposable if an extra spray isn't purchased.

To boot, it seems cosmetic denim could be a growing trend to look out for, as we noted back in November that quite a few jeans companies-Wrangler included-are in the process of creating denim to combat wrinkling, weight gain, sagging, cellulite and dry skin.

Photo Credit: Wrangler, courtesy of StyleCaster

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