Work Out Without Wreaking Havoc on Your Skin

By: Simple Advisory Board

As warmer weather tempts and teases, women everywhere will be inspired to embrace the fun, flirty fashions of summer and show off a little more skin. This often means working out in the gym and spending more time outdoors, both of which can have a big impact on your body and complexion! In fact, a proper fitness routine, when done right can actually help you achieve a beautiful and healthy looking complexion – and that's the best compliment to any spring time look!

So how is a girl supposed to work out even harder at the gym but still gently care for her skin? Two members of the renowned Simple® Advisory Board – comprised of noted lifestyle and wellness experts who offer advice for a holistic approach to skincare – share their top tips.

Trainer-to-the-Stars Kacy Duke – whose client list reads like a red carpet who's who – is one of the most sought-after personal trainers and fitness consultants in the world, in addition to being one of the founders of Equinox Fitness Clubs. She believes that exercise not only gives you a great body but also can do wonders for your skin and help give it a dewy glow.

Working out raises your heart rate, which in turn increases blood circulation throughout the body and particularly to your face. Better circulation means more oxygen and nutrients to your skin, which can help make skin more hydrated and lustrous.

Dr. Debra Luftman is a Board Certified Dermatologist who believes that healthy skin can have an impact on one's overall health. She also firmly believes skincare does not need to be complicated to be effective.

Her top skincare tip? Make Friends with Fitness

Pairing up with a workout buddy is a great way to support each other on your fitness journey. Exercise increases blood flow, helps flush cellular debris out of our system, tones muscles and reduces stress, all of which contribute to an improvement in our overall appearance. All the more reasons to grab a friend and instead of cocktails, go out for a jog or take a challenging class you might not otherwise try on your own.

Her top skincare tip? Cool it Down and Cleanse

You've worked out hard and cooled down. What's next? A good facial cleanse. That all-important post-workout cleanse will maintain your healthy glow, and prevent dirt and perspiration from wreaking havoc on your skin. Dr. Luftman recommends the NEW Simple® Oil Balancing Cleansing Facial Wipes as a good option to refresh skin and help control post-workout shine, plus they fit in almost any gym bag and are made for any girl who's constantly on-the-go.

The Take Away

These two experts believe in a holistic lifestyle approach to achieve natural, healthy-looking skin, and staying active – while using the right skin care products – is part of that approach. Simple®, a line of facial skincare products, takes this methodology as well. The Simple® products are perfect for even sensitive skin, and shine light on all the factors that impact skin.

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