Women spend over a MONTH of their lives at the salon

A new study reveals that British women spend over a month of their lives primping in the hairdresser's chair. Those surveyed were asked how often they visited their hair stylist and how long their appointments last.

Ladies across the pond spent just under 14 hours seated in their favorite salon annually. The Daily Mail reports that this works out to a total of 36 days, or just a little over a month in a lifetime.

Visits included everything from average 45-minute cut and blow out sessions, to hours for coloring and highlights. Most surveyed head into the salon every six weeks for a trim and color every few months. The study doesn't even account for special occasion trips such as holiday party updos or special treatments like hair extensions.

One woman who participated in the study told the Mail, "I love going to the hairdressers so 36 days over the course of a lifetime sounds fine, in fact I'd happily sit there for longer."

All that time spent equals big bucks too. Another recent study exposed that women spend an average of $254.91 a year on hair appointments. Most will spend $23,800 between the ages of 18 and 50. If you're a blonde expect to spend even more. 83 percent of the women in that study felt that the high cost of care for their locks was well worth it though.

A spokeswoman for Fabriah.com, the company responsible for this new survey says, "If your hair looks great, you feel great so 36 days over the course of a lifetime is nothing for fabulous looking hair." (Daily Mail)

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