What You Shouldn't Be Wearing This Thanksgiving

What You Shouldn't Be Wearing This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Dinner is a time to enjoy a delicious meal and the company of loved ones, not a time to show off your most daring fashion statements. Anything too tight, too short, or too low cut risks offending your elderly grandmother, and will certainly provoke disapproving looks from your mother and incredulous stares from your conservative cousin.


We took a poll around the office and asked our colleagues, "What are the biggest style mistakes made at Thanksgiving dinner?" The similarity in the answers was astounding, and we learned (and will NEVER forget) the following:

1.) Low cut doesn't ever make the cut. Your family and friends are attending Thanksgiving dinner for one kind of breast, and that's from the Turkey.

2.) Pale and pasty legs aren't appealing for anyone to look at, especially in cold weather climates. Slip those limbs into a pair of great tights. Not only will it give your outfit an insta-glam effect, but it will also help cover up any imperfections.

3.) Wearing too much makeup not only will look like you are trying too hard, but it will probably start to smudge and run on your face when you start stuffing your face. Go for more neutral make up looks and ligther applications to avoid any eye makeup blunders.

4.) Just bought a hot tight dress? Forget it! Thanksgiving is definitely not about showing off your curves, unless you might like to bust a few seams. Wear something loose, and comfortable. Our suggestion is any Tucker dress will do the trick.

5.) Don't rush the red and green! Enjoy wearing fall colors while they are still festive and seasonal. Red and green is right around the corner.

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