What to do if you're contemplating a BIG hair change

Legendary hair stylist and salon entrepreneur Frederic Fekkai shares his best advice for those who are thinking about making a BIG hairstyle change!

"Before suggesting a new look, I always speak to my clients about his/her lifestyle and personal style. In addition, it is important to match the cut with the personality. It's no good having a cover-girl look if you don't have time to style it. Next time you see someone with a hairstyle you admire, ask him/her where he/she goes? Next, visit for a blowout – don't commit to a cut. Get a consultation and see if you feel comfortable with the person. Pay attention to the questions the stylist asks you and how much time he/she spends with you to address your hair wants and needs.

Some women, when they look to make a change in their lives, often opt to change their hair color. While it may seem easy to color your hair, clients need to consider whether a color change suits their lifestyle. Color should be selected based on whether it can be properly maintained. Extremely light blond hair, for example is very high maintenance and requires regular salon visits for upkeep. The best bet for coloring is to select shades that are close to your natural color. Regular deep conditioning is a must in order to prevent damage and keep hair looking healthy."

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