Wardrobe Beware: Quick Fixes for Fashion Disasters

Wardrobe Beware: Quick Fixes for Fashion Disasters

Nothing can ruin a day as fast as a ripped hem or a coffee stain on your white sweater, especially when you can't just run home and change. Wardrobe malfunctions happen to everyone, even superstars like Janet Jackson, and the best solution is to always come prepared. We've gathered our most common fashion mishaps and compiled a list of quick-fixes that won't leave you hanging. Read on for our fashion survival guide.


We all know that feeling -- you're walking somewhere in your favorite pair of heels, and all of a sudden, you're not quite as tall as you were a second ago. Broken heels are no fun, because it's not like you can just snap the other one in half and transform your stilettos into a pair of ballet flats. Keep a pair of Shoe Goo, sold in tubes for dirt cheap at most hardware stores, in your office desk drawer. Apply the glue to the broken part of your heel and press firmly into the sole of your shoe. Keep in mind this is a super quick fix that is meant to last you through the day. Get those shoes straight to your favorite repair guy to make they're fixed properly and ready for you to wear again.


A ripped hem can ruin an entire look, especially on a day when you have an important meeting. Our quick fix is simple. Tear off a strip of cellophane or masking tape (either works), and tape the hem up on the inside, where you can't see it. You'll need to sew it up yourself later, or take it to an alterations shop, but the tape should hold for the rest of the day.


Somehow, we're always managing to rip right through our tights the second we put them on. Maybe we need to be more careful, but as long as we have clear nail polish on hand, we know there's always a solution to even the peskiest run in our tights. Just carefully dab the polish on, and try to sit still while it dries. The run should be stopped from getting any bigger.


Deodorant stains are the worst, mostly because we always happen to notice them long after they've appeared on our favorite black shirt. Our go-to quick-fix for a deodorant stain is so simple, you won't believe it. All you have to do is take another section of the garment and rub it against the smudged section. Continue to rub until the stain is gone. Ta-da! A stain-free garment.


If you've ever been an intern or assistant, coffee stains on a white shirt are an inevitable part of life. The good news is that coffee is water based, and fairly easy to treat. If the stain is fresh, immediately run cold water on it. That should eliminate a good part of the stain. If it's older, try rubbing a little liquid detergent, and see if that does the trick. Coffee is one of the easiest stains to treat, but the key is early action - run immediately to the bathroom and start getting to work!

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