Want to work for Yeezus? Here's your chance: 'Kanye West Clothing Project' looking for employees on LinkedIn

If you, or anyone you know, is hoping to land a CFO position working for an as-yet unnamed Kanye West-helmed clothing line, oh boy is today your lucky day: Someone in charge of hiring has posted some job listings on LinkedIn.

A tipster sent us a link to this LinkedIn listing for a Vice President of Production for "Kanye West clothing project"; turns out there's also a listing for a CFO.

Now of course, these could be totally fake–because, one, LinkedIn? Really? Two, West is typically more secretive about his ventures, and three, this specifically mentions taking the line to "malls and other outlets across America" and does anything sound less like Kanye West than the word "malls?" This guy once made $6000 shoes, people.

Still, West is rumored to be returning to fashion with a unisex line–so could this be it? Only one way to find out: Submit your resumes and report back to us.

Here are the full listings:

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