Vittorio Missoni Missing or Kidnapped?

ABC News is reporting that the Missoni family is publicly speculating that the plane carrying Missoni didn't go down - but he had been kidnapped.

After news broke that a small plane carrying four people had disappeared off the coast of Venezuela including Vittorio Missoni, owner of the the luxury Italian knitwear label known for its kaleidoscopic patterns, family members are hinting it may have been a kidnapping.

"We're hearing reports from the family that they hope that somehow the plane was hijacked, [because] that is the only chance that the family members might still be alive," reported Matt Gutman, an anchor for ABC News, "this morning, search teams are crisscrossing the Caribbean for Vittorio Missoni and his companions."

Members of the Missoni family have started a Twitter campaign called #findvittoriomissoni which encourages anyone who has information on the missing plane or passengers to contact the Italian consulate in Venezuela or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Crisis Unit at

Photo Credit: Pier Marco Tacca, Getty Images

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