Victoria Beckham tells fashion her story on 'The Skype Collaboration Project'

Earlier this week, we teased a video featuring Victoria Beckham discussing her storied career in fashion and now, and now, you can see her whole fashion story on The Skype Collaboration Project through behind-the-scenes video installments.

'Five Years – The Victoria Beckham Fashion Story' gives you unique access into the here and now of the brand and its team, having gone from three people in a room to the current 100 employees in London, a satellite office in New York City and a digital presence to rival any fashion powerhouse.

I hope by sharing my story, I will inspire others who are interested in fashion and encourage them to work hard and follow their dream as I did. - Victoria Beckham

Through March, viewers will get an inside look at Victoria's career, her day-to-day, and business. This insiders look is truly unique and for a woman so 'posh' - she is fierce in the video's. The Skype Collaboration Project is an online editorial hub that shines a spotlight on the intersection between technology and the creative industries.

Check out the video below and more by visiting The Skype Collaboration Project.

Victoria Beckham Tells Fashion Her Story on 'The Skype Collaboration Projec
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