Twist Your Strands into a Waterfall Braid

Need a break from the basic ponytail? Tasha Jetter of AMS Luxury Salon's new braid bar shows us how to create a more intricate updo (it works on all hair types). The simple and easy steps are below.

1. Pick up a two to three-inch section beside your part.

2. Divide into three equal pieces.

3. Cross strands over each other once from left to right, picking up hair like you would in a traditional French braid.

4. Repeat the previous step, but after you cross the right strand over, drop it and allow it to hang loose (or have a friend hold it taut while you work).

5. Pick up a new section close to where the original left strand was to create your new right strand.

6. Continue the process, adding hair from the left and right, and dropping the right strand after every rotation. (Note: Keep sections consistent in size each time.)

7. Keep working around the crown of your head. Stop midway through or continue all the way around.

8. Twist the remaining hair into a regular braid.

9. Tie the end with an elastic band and tuck it under your hair; secure with bobby pins.

Things are looking up.

By: DailyCandy (Photo Credit:

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