Tutorial: DIY leopard fold over clutch

An oversized fold over clutch has been on my sewing to-do list for ages. They're such gorgeous statement bags, and perfect for date night and fancier events. The problem was that I didn't have a good fabric to use. I was always on the lookout, but could never find anything that Ireally loved. Then last month, in a stroke of good fabric buying luck, I found myself with three fabrics that I realized would all make amazing oversized clutches. The only problem was that with three choices, I was having an impossible time deciding which one to use for the clutch!

So I pulled out my new Sprout by HP and used their drawing program to draw out a pretty little fashion illustration. Then I used the overhead camera capability to take a photo of all three potential fabrics, and then stuck them in the illustration to see which one I liked best. It was still a tough call, but finally I decided.

After I made the clutch, I created this simple oversized fold over clutch, and then used my Sprout by HP to create my tutorial. It's not like my regular tutorials with basic illustrations -- I used the overhead camera to take images of the fronts and backs of the fabric I used, and then added those images into my tutorial so it's easier to differentiate the pattern pieces!

1/2 yard faux fur fabric
1/2 yard lining (I used a heavy weight woven blend)
1 package of heavy weight iron-on interfacing
matching thread
14" industrial zipper
small square of faux or real leather

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