The Truth Behind Connie Britton's Amazing Hair

Whether you know Connie Britton as Molly McMullen from The Brothers McMullen, Nikki Faber from Spin City, Tami Taylor from Friday Night Lights, or Rayna Jaymes from ABC's new dramaNashville, one prominent characteristic of the actress may come to mind more than her uncanny ability to play strong women with sass: her hair.

That's right - Britton's long, flowy, light auburn tresses have inspired hair envy in her most ardent fans – and has even inspired one Twitter handle. Britton, however, seems to take it all in stride.

"Here's the deal: I have fantastic people that I work with on the show who do their thing," said Britton, who recently was in New York City to hand out care packages with Curel and Direct Relief International.

Modesty aside, Britton, 45, is quick to give credit to the almighty hair gods and confessed that her everyday hair routine is fairly low maintenance. "True confession: I don't wash my hair very much," she admitted. "My hair's dry so when I wash it, it gets fluffy and hard to handle. I will get out of the shower and let my hair dry on its own. Then, as the days go on, it actually gets better."

Britton also prefers to keep her styling habits just as easy-going. "I don't need to use products in between because it doesn't get greasy," she said. "But I do have some products that I love like Wen shampoo, which is amazing and helps a lot too."

And while she's experimented with shorter styles in the past, Britton seems to be committed to her length (her hair easily hits her mid-back) for now. "My hair has not always been long," Britton said. "I got a Dorothy Hamill haircut when I was growing up, and then when I went to college I got a really, really short haircut." Although the last time she rocked short hair was during a stint in the late '90s onSpin City, she's not eager to resurrect that look any time soon. "That's probably the last time it was short," she said. "I don't think I'm ever going to cut it."

Connie Britton's Anti-Aging Skin Care Routine

Her skin care routine is as equally (and refreshingly) grounded. "I'm not a big believer in plastic surgery for myself, therefore I do think it's important to take care of your skin," she said.

While many actresses may have jars and bottles lining their bathroom shelves, Britton starts her skin care routine in the kitchen. "I think a lot of it is what you put into your body," she said. "It sounds really cheesy, but water is so key. And fresh vegetable juices every day because I feel like that really makes an impact in terms of everything being glowy and fresh."

When it comes to products, moisturizer has become an increasingly prominent part of her routine. "Particularly as I get older that's the thing that helps keep the wrinkles at bay," she said. "At least a little bit."

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