Trend talk: White Converse sneakers

By Let it Be Beautiful

Spring has officially arrived in full force here in DC, and it has brought the rain with it! Thank goodness the rain subsided yesterday, because I am tired of wearing my rain boots. One of my favorite things about Spring is being able to try current Spring Shoe Trends. Today I wanted to highlight my current favorite, the White Converse Chuck Taylor that I scored at DSW. This shoe has been around since I was a child, and I was not really into it. Starting last fall, I started to envy everyone wearing these chic tennis shoe & finally jumped on the bandwagon and purchased a pair. They are super comfy and I love how casual they are, but you can also dress them up like I did with these soft red shorts.

These white Converse have been going with me everywhere, and I have been wearing them with pretty much everything (except during the rain). One stipulation -- I have come to realize that I am SO OCD about getting these bad boys dirty. So right after I wear them, I check for dirty spots and get anxiety trying to figure out how to clean them the right way! I have managed to keep them pretty clean, but not as clean as I would like too. Eventually, I am sure the dirt spots won't bother me, but since they are still so new I really want to keep them as clean as possible ... good luck with that right? Ha!
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