Top 9 at 9: The weirdest Project Runway ad... ever (and more news)

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1. Is this Project Runway ad the wackiest thing ever? Tim Gunn says "Turn down for what," while Heidi Klum does rappy and Illuminati things with her hands. It's just ... odd. You have to see it! (Gawker)

2. This list is oh so very true... and funny! We give you: "Life In Your Twenties vs. Life In Your Thirties," courtesy of the ever-hilarious Buzzfeed. (Buzzfeed)

3. Think about it: It goes everywhere with you, sometimes sits next to you on the subway or -- heaven forbid -- sometimes on the floor of a public bathroom. And how often (really) are you cleaning your beloved purse? Find out what's lurking in there...

4. Baby George tidbits are the best tidbits! Said dad Prince William this week (while in scuba gear, no less): "At the moment, bath time is quite painful." Too cute! Ah, the chaos of babies. (People)

The Prince Of Wales And Duke Of Cambridge Attend A Reception To Mark The Handover Of The British Sub-Aqua Club Presidency
5. Yuck, take note of this list, and get washing! The 12 dirtiest fruits and vegetables. (Kitchen Daily)

6. You have to try this fun DIY for summer: Dip-dyed hair styling!

7. Find out exactly when Blake Lively's new lifestyle site is launching: (Hint: it's SOON.) (Who What Wear)

8. It's okay guys. We'll get through this together. Find out the details about Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes's baby-to-be!

9. This is hilarious: The 12 guys everyone meets on Tinder (ELLE)

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