Top 9 at 9: Style bloggers are making bank, Pippa comes to the U.S. and more

We've got the top 9 things you need to know this a.m. - from the latest fashion sightings, to style news, to must-have products - our daily style fix is the best accessory.

Scroll through the list below to see what's trending, what we're loving, and what stories you'll want to share with your friends!​​​

1. Style bloggers are making HOW much? Looks like the top bloggers are raking in six-figure salaries. So yes, you should probably start that blog you've been meaning to make. (The Cut)

2. Pippa and James Middleton -- Duchess Kate's younger siblings -- are coming to the U.S.! Starting this weekend, the Middleton siblings are joining a cycling team for Race Across America. They're cycling in honor of a friend's younger brother. (People)

3. Do you want your very own personal fireworks show, courtesy of AOL? Yes we're serious. Yes, it's extremely easy to enter to win. (AOL)

4. We're sure you've heard about apple cider vinegar and how some people use it for beauty, not just cooking. And we're also sure that we will have you convinced when you read about its magical benefits!

5. Look cool and classic this summer with these all-American inspired styles.

6. Wait, what on earth is going on at The website has been secretly taken over by kittens... wearing ready-to-wear. Meaning you have to type in a special code to see them, but they'll take over the screen when you do! It's actually adorable. (Fashionista)

7. Um, speaking of adorable. Apparently baby Prince George is walking! Proud mom Kate recently bragged that her little one is moving around on two feet.

8. Summer is here in full-swing and while we're all for getting a nice summer glow, we'd prefer if you choose one of our favorite sunless tanners over baking in the sun.

9. Did you hear that TOMs shoes is looking to sell its business? It's such a successful company that many believe it could go for as much as $600 million. That's a LOT of shoes.
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