Top 9 at 9: Rachel McAdams goes natural, plus more news

We've got the top 9 things you need to know this a.m. - from the latest fashion sightings, to style news, to must-have products - our daily style fix is the best accessory.

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1. Rachel McAdams goes natural on the cover of Allure and reveals just how gorgeous she is without all the makeup!

9 at 9 rachel mcadams
2. Find out if you're a cosmetic queen or a classic beauty with the "What's your makeup personality?" test.

3. We found this perfect white eyelet romper on With Love for Kat. We love everything about it, especially the price!

9 at 9
4. So now we can cook like the Kardashians, since they totally cook for themselves! Kris Jenner is set to release her new cookbook this October which features family recipes and entertaining tips. Um, are you as confused as we are?

5. A woman steals a dress, posts a selfie in said stolen dress, and is then arrested for her crime. The kicker? Wait till you see the dress she was arrested over!

6. Is losing weight as simple as switching from forks to chopsticks? Who wants to celebrate with sushi night?! These sneaky ways to lose weight are game changers.

gwyneth paltrow verse blake lively
7. Get ready for a Blake Lively and Gwyneth Paltrow face off! As you may have heard, Blake Lively just recently launched her new website Preserve. Gwyneth Paltrow was the first to hop on the lifestyle site bandwagon with her website, goop. We're breaking down which blonde bombshell's site is better here!

8. If you're tired of your everyday hairstyle, it's never to late to switch it up. Get inspired with the prettiest hair on Pinterest, because let's be real -- everyone wants to have the prettiest hair.

9. Rent the Runway, the already brilliant dress rental site, has created an even more brilliant new feature -- Rent the Runway Unlimited! For just $70 a month you can get three designer items (we're talking $2,000 leather jackets) and keep them for as long as you wish.
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