Top 9 at 9: Miley told J.Law to 'get it together', fast-fashion runway knockoffs and more

1. When Jennifer Lawrence stopped by Late Night with Seth Meyers, she revealed that she was a little too tipsy at the Oscars. "Jen said she was so drunk, she puked on the stairs at Madonna's after-party, and Miley walked by and said something like, 'Get it together, girl!' " an audience member told Us Weekly. You know it's a rough night when Miley is telling you to shape up!

2. We're actually blown away by this plastic surgery trend where women are altering their feet so that they can better wear certain pairs of stiletto heels. If only this existed for Cinderella's step sisters, the fairy tale might have ended verrryyy differently...

3. It doesn't take long for fast fashion chains to take "inspiration" from the runways. Fashionista has the 10 worst, bordering-on-knock-off examples for Spring 2014. (Fashionista)

4. The list that will change your wardrobe forever - here are the 12 shoes every woman should own.

5. A sad result for a terrible event: it's been revealed that television personality and mother of two Peaches Geldof died of a heroin overdose. (PageSix)

6. Now THIS is what we like to see: a new study published in the Journal of Applied Psychology revealed today that people aren't biased towards female bosses. In the study, both genders were seen equally as competent leaders. Well, duh! (The Cut)

7. Want to steal Taylor Swift's fun, ladylike style? You're in luck - we've found her recent floral frock, and it's totally affordable.

8. The Met Gala is coming up, so we're taking a look back at the most memorable looks of all time - back to the '70s!

9. Keira Knightley showed us that when it comes to spring beauty, less is more.
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