Top 9 at 9: Beyonce's surprise performance, Facebook spends $16B & more

1. Beyonce was the surprise performer at the Brit Awards last night in London, and she did so in a sparkly aqua gown by Greek designer Vrettos Vrettakos.

2. Are you waging a constant war against split ends? Fear not. We can show you how to fix your split ends -- without cutting them! And also how to prevent them in the future.

3. We love neutrals because they're literally season-less. You can wear them all year round, and we're obsessing over this J.Crew coat. See some chilly weather neutral inspiration from our contributor With Love from Kat.

4. Jimmy Fallon interviewed Harry Styles this week on his new show -- or, wait, Kristen Wiig impersonating Harry Styles -- and it was hilarious. Especially because Kristen knows very very little about Mr. Styles! Watch the clip below:

5. It's Thursday, so naturally we're seeing Throwback Thursday posts, instagrams, tweets everywhere. Here, take a look back at all the best fashion and beauty moments figure skating has brought us through the years. (Into the Gloss)

6. Is your closet equipped? There are certain things every 20-something should have in her wardrobe, and if you stack your fashion deck, you're sure to win every time. (POPSUGAR)

7. In case you missed it, Robert Pattinson has shaved his goatee. And he looks SO dapper for his next flick. (People)

8. Karl Lagerfeld left his mark on the Fendi show in more ways than one -- not only did he have drones flying around to film the show, but Cara Delevingne opened the show (naturally), carrying a little doll that looked like Lagerfeld himself. (Fashionista)

9. In the latest financial news for Facebook, they're spending a keen $16 Billion on the company WhatsApp -- way more than they offered for SnapChat or spend on Instagram. Like a lot more. (TechCrunch)
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