Top 9 at 9: Alexander Wang for H&M, Duchess Kate plays cricket in heels & more

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1. It's officially happening - Alexander Wang for H&M! We're. So. Excited. Considering the chaos that erupted over Isabel Marant for H&M, we can't even imagine the craziness that will ensue over Alexander Wang! Start lining up -- now. (StyleCaster)

2. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge had a busy weekend -- they're only one week into the tour and William has already criticized Kate's clothing choices, and then sorta-kinda dropped a hint that she'd be pregnant really soon. And then later, Kate debunked any thoughts she was currently pregnant by having some wine, and obvi impressed us all by playing cricket in heels. Ahem, they'll now rest for a day with George before heading off to Sydney.

3. Get ready for shorts season by trying out these 10 exercises for slimmer thighs.

4. In more exciting collaboration news, Roland Mouret will be the next designer to create a line for Banana Republic! (Fashionista)

5. A must-read: These are the bad beauty habits that are giving you wrinkles. From the obvious (smoking, hello!) to the not necessarily so obvious (chewing gum), you have to read this list.

6. Are you ever feeling hungry but you literally ate an hour ago, and can't believe it? Well here are 7 things that make you think you're hungry -- when you actually aren't! (Daily Makeover)

7. Kate Upton looked stunning in Versace for the MTV Movie Awards, pairing the look with a dark smoky eye and deep lip.

Kate Upton at the MTV Movie Awards
8. That one time Beyonce was Solange Knowles' backup dancer at Coachella, and everyone who wasn't there REGRETS NOT GOING TO COACHELLA. (Vulture)

9. When should you really get rid of your clothes? Here, a 10 step guide to help you figure it out.
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