Tom Ford sends Hayden Panettiere flowers post-Golden Globes dress drama

Only in the world of celebrity red carpet dressing does purchasing one's own gown lead to a scandal.
As you may recall, "Nashville" star Hayden Panettiere wore a black and white dress by Tom Ford to the Golden Globes on Sunday. Although she gushed about the designer ("I'd wear a plastic bag if it was designed by him"), Ford's PR team was quick to confirm that the brand did not "officially" dress the actress, as he chooses to loan out only one gown to one star per awards show. In this case, that lucky lady was Naomi Watts.

Immediately, Panettiere was shamed for daring to purchase her own dress, which is super weird, but she did imply that she was loaned a gown after "begging" the brand. We also thought it was odd that, even though the actress announced she was wearing Tom Ford, the E! News correspondents refused to address it as anything else but her "black and white" dress when showing her on that "GlamCam360″ thing.

Despite the fashion drama, Tom Ford responded like the consummate gentleman: He sent Panettiere flowers to thank her for her support. She tweeted on Tuesday:

Well, if the unfortunate bullying that Panettiere faced gave her any second thoughts about splurging on Ford's dress, she can rest assured that it was worth every cent.

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