Tips and tricks for shopping during the holidays

Shopping this holiday season? We enlisted the help of style guru Joseph Katz for some easy tips and tricks to navigating any store. Joseph, who brings more than 15 years of experience to the fashion world highlights a few key pointers for shopping at Nordstrom, but his tricks can really be applied to any of your favorite stores!

"Going to a store like Nordstrom allows you to get most key things in one trip. Start by getting a map at the service desk and your journey begins."

1) Know the layout of the store:
Each Nordstrom has a similar layout with a few variances per city. Head to the customer service desk and ask for a map so you can get a lay of the land and know where and what department you are going to and start your journey.

2) Know what you are looking for and stay focused.
Once you have a list put together of the people and items you are looking for stay focused and you will accomplish your shopping in no time. Once shopping is complete treat yourself to a great lunch!

3) Dress the part:
If you are spending a day in the store you want to be comfortable and put together. Wear comfortable shoes, jeans and easy cotton short top. Bring a sweater in case it get chilly later. You dont want anything that is constricting or too hot like wool as navigating through all of those racks and carrying tons of bags can overwhelm.

Also stay hydrated by bringing a water and a protein bar just in case you need a quick pick me up.

4) Go to the departments you are looking for only.
If you stay focused on the departments that you are looking for gifts in you will stay focused and not loose energy. I recommend going to the key departments first and if you have time after you can wander to other department to see if you may run across a gem. Wandering before going to specific department can zap your energy and you can get exhausted and unfocused before completing your shopping list.

5) Avoid prime time shopping hours:
If you can go to Nordstrom on off peak hours early in the day or later at night you will avoid the crazy rush of holiday shoppers and tourists. Prime shopping days are the weekends and Saturday afternoon is one of the busiest times.

6) Don't forget to sign up for loyalty points:
So many stores now let you earn points that give you credit towards other products. Nordstrom offers points for every net dollar you spend on your Nordstrom credit card or debit card. Check their web site for a full list of point details. You can schedule your shopping day online and your points will accumulate during your checkout. Pretty cool huh....

7) Book a Stylist:
Having a stylist is ideal, it takes the stress out of your busy holiday schedule. Whether you'd like to revamp your entire wardrobe, find gifts for the family, business or simply thank someone special with a distinctive gift, let style guru Joseph Katz be your guide to all things glitz and glamour.

Join Joseph for a customized shopping excursion or allow him to do the legwork for you as your personal stylist. Now virtual Skype and Facetime style consults are available to book so working with you Joseph has never been easier. Whether you love your current style as is or need help defining it, Joseph will make your experience fun and exciting – resulting in garments you'll yearn to wear.

To book a style consultation email Joseph at
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